She's All That

Freddie Prinze Jnr breaks up with his girlfriend and makes a bet with his friends that he can get any girl to become prom queen if they're going out with him. His friends choose Laney the high school geek. Freddie tries to make her less of a weirdo and finds out that he really likes her. Then she has a total makeover and becomes really pretty. But Freddies best friend decides that he's sick of Freddie getting all the attention so he tells Laney about the bet and she falls out with Freddie and goes to the prom with his best friend. Fredie goes with his ex-girlfriend. Laney doesn't win, Freddies ex does and Freddie gets prom king. Freddie's friend tries to have sex with Laney and she puts a foghorn in his ear. When she gets back home she find Freddie waiting for her. They make up, kiss and because Freddie lost the bet he has to go naked at graduation

Other mistake: When Zach is watching Laney at the show, there are two shots where Laney, Mitch and the little people say, "Be silent, be still". In the first, Mitch's legs are far apart and on the ground, and in the second shot his legs are very close together, with no time to move. (00:22:35)

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Mackenzie Siler: When was the last time you tweezed?
Laney Boggs: What?
Mackenzie Siler: I mean your eyebrows.
Laney Boggs: Never, why?
Mackenzie Siler: Ever watch Sesame Street?
Laney Boggs: Yeah.
Mackenzie Siler: You know Bert?

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Question: There are two actress' I can't place and I am sure I have seen them somewhere before. I am not sure of their characters names but one of them i assume is Zach's sister, with the brown hair who goes to Ashley's as she has a cute brother and the other one is the blonde girl who was one of the girls who told Laney that it'd be better for her art if she committed suicide. Can anyone tell me their names and what else they have been in?

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