Factual error: The 15 bus in London does not go over Westminster Bridge.

Factual error: The winter car chase in Austria shows the Range Rover's license plate "IL 25768H" which stands for "Innsbruck Land" in the province of Tyrol, but the flag in the middle of the plate belongs to the province of Vienna. It should show the Tyrolean eagle. In addition it contains too many characters.

Mario Raunig

Continuity mistake: In the plane chase scene, when the plane hits the car, one of the wheels comes off. In the next view, all the landing gear is intact.

Continuity mistake: During the plane/car chase scene the plane rams the back of the range rover and we see the nose crumple as it should. In all the shots after this the nose is perfect, but the back of the car is still smashed.

Factual error: M drives a 2006 Jaguar XJ, which is rammed sideways into a concrete wall by a black pickup truck. Such impacts would fire both thorax and curtain airbags on both sides of the car; these would be visible in the wreck afterwards, as limp sheets of cloth dangling down the sides of the seats and door, respectively. Without such protection, M and Bond would be severely concussed, and unable to operate. There are no bags.

Plot hole: There's no good reason for Hinx to attack Bond on the train. Blofield was expecting him to turn up at the crater, that's why he sent the car to pick them up.

Other mistake: When Bond enters the ruins of the old MI6 building, he encounters the plaque that lists all of those that gave their lives in service of MI6. In Skyfall, M mentioned this plaque, and mentioned that Silva's (the antagonist of Skyfall) name was Tiago Rodriguez, and that his name is on that plaque, and that she'd have it struck from the plaque. However, she never had the chance to do so within the timeline of the film (almost immediately after she said this, Silva escaped and tried to kill her at the government hearing, after which she escaped with Bond to Scotland, and died there). His name, however, is absent from the plaque, and there isn't even a gap for where his name might have been even if she *had* had the chance to have it removed. (02:03:55)

Continuity mistake: During the train ride in the desert Dr. Swan has an extreme red lip-gloss when she enters the scene. In the next sequence, she appears, in the storage car, the lip-gloss is gone.

Other mistake: When Bond and Dr. Swann make out on the train there are lights "flashing" in the room as if the train is passing streetlights. But they are traveling in the desert with no external lighting.

Continuity mistake: When Hinx appears in the dining car on the train, the rest of the passengers in that car immediately disappear. Also the barman when they enter that part of the train and the kitchen staff too.

Other mistake: When flying the grey Hughes 500 helicopter off the crater, the pilot sits on the right side, but in a Hughes 500 the pilot always sits on the left side.

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Suggested correction: Helicopter pilots always sit on the right, as the collective lever is on the left, and to use the left seat means climbing over it every time you enter.

This corrector seems to be missing the point. The collective lever being on the left is why helicopter pilots-in-command started sitting on the right (while in airplane the PIC sat on the left). However, helicopters began developing dual collective levels that allowed piloting from left or right, so this idea of "climbing over" the lever is a moot point. But, for whatever design reason, pilots of MD 500's sit on the left, not the right.


Continuity mistake: At the funeral in Rome the bars of sunlight on the wall behind Monica Bellucci change length through the conversation. The time of day for each shot must have varied quite considerably.

Factual error: When Bond's plane crashes head on into the Range Rover Sport, Hinx smashes through the windscreen, which shatters into small granules of glass, and lands on the bonnet. This would be quite realistic in the 1960's, but modern cars have laminated windscreens, seat belts, and large passenger airbags. Even if he undid his seat belt to shoot at Bond, or didn't wear it in the first place, the other two safety features would have kept him inside the vehicle. Not quite so dramatic, of course.

Other mistake: The sealed off room in the L'American hotel is a fantasy. For one, a maid or the owners should spot that a room is missing from their own hotel. Secondly, we know that Mr. White visited frequently, and as recently as the events in Casino Royale as evidenced by Vesper Lynd's interrogation tape. Whilst it's conceivable he was able to secure the same room every year, that he was able to replaster and repaint the wall as well stretches belief.


Factual error: The Aston Martin DB10 does not show a front licence plate, but it is required by law to show one at the front and back of the car in England and Europe.

Factual error: When M asks Q for Bond's location - and is told he's in Chelsea - the film gives a lat/long that professes to be Austria but is actually in the middle of the ocean.

Continuity mistake: In the tunnel where Bond's Jaguar is wrecked by a truck it shows Moneypenny, Q and Tanner getting shot at, which shatters the right rear window where Q is sitting. Shortly after, they meet up with M to race away, and only a bullet hole is seen in the same right rear window of the vehicle. (02:02:20 - 02:02:50)


Continuity mistake: During the opening scene when Bond is fighting the pilot in the helicopter, the joystick changes considerably between close ups when they are trying to get control of it, both the size and shape and the amount of controls on top.

Other mistake: During the plane chase near the end the cars go off to Bond's left, then he has to avoid the trees and turns left himself, then we see the cars are way over to his right and the trees have disappeared. The cars have no time to get that far over to the right - Bond should have seen them when he turned left himself.

Continuity mistake: When Hinx smashes Sr. Guerra's head against the table, it falls on some papers. When the angle changes they're gone.

Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: Bond leaves M's offices, walks through the patio, and crosses a rounded pattern on the center. In the close-up, he's several meters behind, walking by the pattern again.

Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: When M scolds Bond about the Mexico incident, the position of the newspapers on the table changes between shots.

Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: At the start of the car/plane chase the road is completely wet. After the cars exit the tunnel the road is bone dry. When the cars turn off the road into the trees the road is completely wet again.

Other mistake: After Blofeld taunts Bond, saying he has three minutes and the building will implode, he activates it. As M, Moneypenny, and Q watch, the charges ignite, three minutes and thirty seconds after Blofeld hit the switch.

Movie Nut

Continuity mistake: When Hinx shoots at the plane he only shoots 3 times but the damage on the side shows 5 shots were fired. He's using a double-barrelled pistol which fires two shots at a time, so there should have been 6 holes - it's not accurate enough for two bullets to go through one hole.

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