Continuity mistake: In the plane chase scene, when the plane hits the car, one of the wheels comes off. In the next view, all the landing gear is intact.

Continuity mistake: During the train ride in the desert Dr. Swan has an extreme red lip-gloss when she enters the scene. In the next sequence, she appears, in the storage car, the lip-gloss is gone.

Continuity mistake: During the plane/car chase scene the plane rams the back of the range rover and we see the nose crumple as it should. In all the shots after this the nose is perfect, but the back of the car is still smashed.

Continuity mistake: When Hinx appears in the dining car on the train, the rest of the passengers in that car immediately disappear. Also the barman when they enter that part of the train and the kitchen staff too.

Continuity mistake: At the funeral in Rome the bars of sunlight on the wall behind Monica Bellucci change length through the conversation. The time of day for each shot must have varied quite considerably.

Continuity mistake: In the tunnel where Bond's Jaguar is wrecked by a truck it shows Moneypenny, Q and Tanner getting shot at, which shatters the right rear window where Q is sitting. Shortly after, they meet up with M to race away, and only a bullet hole is seen in the same right rear window of the vehicle. (02:02:20 - 02:02:50)


Continuity mistake: When Hinx smashes Sr. Guerra's head against the table, it falls on some papers. When the angle changes they're gone.

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Continuity mistake: Bond leaves M's offices, walks through the patio, and crosses a rounded pattern on the center. In the close-up, he's several meters behind, walking by the pattern again.

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Continuity mistake: When M scolds Bond about the Mexico incident, the position of the newspapers on the table changes between shots.

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Continuity mistake: At the start of the car/plane chase the road is completely wet. After the cars exit the tunnel the road is bone dry. When the cars turn off the road into the trees the road is completely wet again.

Continuity mistake: When Hinx shoots at the plane he only shoots 3 times but the damage on the side shows 5 shots were fired. He's using a double-barrelled pistol which fires two shots at a time, so there should have been 6 holes - it's not accurate enough for two bullets to go through one hole.

Factual error: The winter car chase in Austria shows the Range Rover's license plate "IL 25768H" which stands for "Innsbruck Land" in the province of Tyrol, but the flag in the middle of the plate belongs to the province of Vienna. It should show the Tyrolean eagle. In addition it contains too many characters.

Mario Raunig

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Mr. Hinx: Shit.

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Trivia: Mr. Hinx speaks only one word of dialogue in the entire film.

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Question: Bond was 12 when his parents were killed, and spent the next 2 years with his guardian, who taught him to ski, climb and hunt before his death. It is mentioned a few times that it happened 20 years ago, making Bond 34, but he's clearly much older - just wondered if I was missing something here.

Answer: It is mentioned that Oberhauser died 20 years ago. This could have been many years after James stopped living with him.

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