Bridge of Spies

Other mistake: In the opening scene the man is doing a self portrait from his image in a mirror, that is to his left. This image in the mirror shows predominantly the right side of his face. In the portrait, the image is turned with predominantly the left side of his face showing. Wouldn't it be natural for the artist to paint what he sees? That being a face oriented the same as what the artist sees in the mirror.

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Suggested correction: This is a question and not a mistake. Since we don't see the artist paint the whole picture, we don't know exactly how he posed for his self-portrait (or his skills in painting what he does not see) and the mirror to his left may just be for the final touches. In the painting he's wearing different clothes, so either he can paint what he doesn't see or did the majority of the portrait in a different outfit and could have had the the mirror/pose in a different spot.


Other mistake: In several scenes in Tom Hanks' home the TV has a set of rabbit ear antennae, but to the right of it is an antenna rotatory control for an outside antenna, I would think in Brooklyn rabbit ears are all that was needed.

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James Donovan: Aren't you worried?
Rudolf Abel: Would it help?



When the exchange is made in Berlin it is bitter winter with snow on the ground. But Donovan returns to New York (the TV newsmen is reporting that Powers has been returned "earlier this morning") so it is within hours, and yet the leaves on the trees in NY are green, the grass is green, people are in shirtsleeves. Berlin and NY share the same seasons.