Bridge of Spies

Bridge of Spies (2015)

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Corrected entry: Aside from the fact that the Volvo P1800 coupe driven by the Vogel is a later mid-60s model, it also seems highly implausible than a lawyer from communist East Germany could be driving an imported sports car from the West.

Correction: Sweden was neutral during the Cold War, and had diplomatic ties to USSR during the 60's. Besides which, USSR/Russia has a long history of bringing in stolen cars from the West, often stolen from countries like West Germany, transporting them through satellite countries like East Germany, Hungary and so on, and selling the cars to well connected elites within the USSR.


Corrected entry: Tom Hanks has his overcoat stolen, but he has it back on later in the scene. Then he is back at his apartment asking for an overcoat.

Correction: Back in his room, he is not wearing a coat. He is wrapped in a blanket.

Corrected entry: When Vogel (East Berlin Lawyer) is driving Tom Hanks, his car is a Volvo P1800. This car wasn't manufactured until 1963 and it was a Swedish automobile, restricted under the East German control.

Correction: The P1800 was made by Jensen Motors in West Bromwich in1960/61. The lawyer must have had very good political connections.



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James Donovan: Aren't you worried?
Rudolf Abel: Would it help?



When the exchange is made in Berlin it is bitter winter with snow on the ground. But Donovan returns to New York (the TV newsmen is reporting that Powers has been returned "earlier this morning") so it is within hours, and yet the leaves on the trees in NY are green, the grass is green, people are in shirtsleeves. Berlin and NY share the same seasons.