Scream 3

Corrected entry: When the house blows up and Dewey, Gale and Jennifer jump off the balcony, we find that Gale is near the car, the killer jumps up behind her and Dewy takes a shot at him with a gun and it is obvious that the killer purposely slams himself against the car window to make the gun look powerful.

Correction: Actually he would have to fake it because it is obvious, and later found out that he has a bulletproof vest on. if he wouldn't have faked it, everybody would've known that he had one on.

Corrected entry: When Martha Meeks sees Sidney outside the door in Sunrise Studios, Detective Kincaids partner and a black officer runs up to her, thinking that she is a criminal, and next time you see them two the black officer is not there, but a different person.

Correction: I just watched this scene several times. The same three officers are there after each camera switch between the characters.

Corrected entry: When the killer calls Syd at the police station and tells her that he has Gail and Dewey, she asks, "How do I know those are their real voices?" (Well, the killer finishes the sentence.) But Gail had just found out that the killer had a voice changer with all their voices. So if Gail had not spoken to Sydney before the killer called at the police station, how does Sydney know to ask about whether those are Gail and Deweys real voices?

Correction: Don't forget the killer called Sidney disguising his voice as her mother in order to fool her. Therefore it is safe to assume she knows the killer can manipulate her with other voices.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Dewey and the killer are fighting near the basement door, which is not a swinging door, they both fly through the door (hitting it forward), but when it shows them falling down the stairway, the door is flying backwards.

Correction: If you slam against a regular door hard enough it will bounce against the wall and close, just as this door did.

Corrected entry: When the vest is hanging up the letters (LAPD) are across the upper part. When Sidney shows the vest to her half brother, the letters are at the bottom of the vest.

Correction: I have viewed this and the letters are in the same place they were when the vest was hanging up at the police station.

Corrected entry: In the very beginning of the movie at nighttime, as the helicopter is flying over the "HOLLYWOOD" sign, it shines a searchlight on it, lighting up the letters. The letters are cloaked in darkness. The "HOLLYWOOD" sign is lighted with surface-mounted spotlights at night. The letters should never have been dark.


Correction: There could be a number of explainations why the lights are off, a fault of the power to them or someone forgot to flick the on switch.


Corrected entry: After the actor is blown up by the fire in Jennifer's house, and after Dewey shoots the killer a couple times, Dewey finds another picture of Mrs. Prescott. The lines written in bold black on the back clearly show that there are many words. When Dewey looks at it, there is only "I Killed Her." To see it, make sure to look just when Dewey picks it up.

Correction: This is not a mistake, the same amount of writing is there when Dewey picks it up as to when the cmarea shows it close -up.

Corrected entry: Near the end, Sidney stabs Roman with a knife she picked up off the bar. Then she jumps over the bar and lands on the ground. She picks up Roman's knife, but when she stabs Roman in the chest, it's the bar knife again.


Correction: Sidney stabs Roman once with the bar tool(which she keeps in her hand) she picks up Roman's knife only to throw it out of reach, then she stabs him again with her bar tool.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the final scene where Sydney tries to escape from the disguised murderer she runs into the library. In this room Sydney is looking for the hidden entrance behind the bookshelves. As she recognises a bright light underneath one of these shelves she knows which door to open. As she finally enters that room the bright light suddenly disappeared. The room is as dark as a coal chamber.

Correction: The room not only has a bright projection screen running, but many candles, it is not as black as a coal chamber.

Corrected entry: At Roman's birthday party, Roman and Jennifer go off ALONE to find a missing room and end up in the basement. Later, Gale is looking for Roman and goes straight to the basement. She calls his name and gets no answer, but is adamant that he is in the basement and continues down to find him. Why would she think he was down there if she had no idea where he went?

Correction: If you watch the direction in which Jennifer and Roman dissapear, there are no other places or doors they could possibly have gone, that's how Gale knows they both have to be down there in the basement.

Corrected entry: Maybe I'm just being silly, but when Cotton is going through his house looking for Christine, he goes into the bathroom and slides the shower door open. One question, and one question only: it's a glass door, so why does he open it in the first place?

Correction: The shower door is fogged up from steam, as most glass doors are when the shower has been on. Hot water does cause this, it's also why we cannot see Christine properly through the glass earlier.

Corrected entry: Gale and Dewy can't find the switch to the bookcase-secret door and start pulling down books, despite the fact that Sydney had just pulled away most of the books exposing the handle.

Correction: There was no handle. The device to open the book case was in fact a book, which once pulled slightly off the shelf causes the door to open. If anything Gale and Dewey aren't going to push that one particular book back into place, then pull it out again, are they??

Corrected entry: In the opening scene, when the killer enters Cotton's girlfriend's bathroom, he's no more than 3 feet away from the shower door and is talking quite loudly to Cotton on the phone, yet Christine is oblivious to him.

Correction: It is much harder to hear someone when you are showering and humming. And from, the camera view, the killer is stood in the bedroom doorway (he pushes it open slightly to show the shower), not right outside the shower door.

Corrected entry: In the bathroom scene with Sidney, if they were so worried about her safety they should have sent bodyguards in with her.

Correction: Character decision, not a movie mistake. They should, but they didn't.


Corrected entry: When Gale and Dewey are pulling books off the shelf a book falls right in Gale's face. You can see the very surprised look on her face - it wasn't meant to happen.

Correction: Even if it was not meant to happen according to the script, it is a natural occurence that would give most people a surprise. Nothing wrong with that happening in a movie.


Corrected entry: When Roman is exploring the house with Parker Posey right before they leave, he tells Dewey and Gale "I'll be right back," breaking a rule that Randy mentioned in the first movie. Notice the nervous look on their faces.

Correction: The horror movie expert says that all the rules don't apply anymore in a trilogy, which this is, so Roman can't break any rules since they no longer apply.

Corrected entry: When Cotton's girlfriend is in the shower, and she gets out her hair is completely dry and the rest of her is soaked.

Correction: It's easy to have a shower and not get your hair wet; hold your head back, or direct the showerhead to shoulder height.

Corrected entry: Why is the killer so surprised when Syd reveals she was wearing a bullet-proof vest when he'd been wearing one also?

Correction: He's suprised at this because he wasn't expecting her to have thought of wearing one.

Corrected entry: When Jennifer gets killed, it looks like as Roman stabs her, the two kinda press against the glass covering the closet. As Dewey shoots the glass, Jennifer falls through the glass, yet the killer is nowhere to be seen. It looks like to the right, there is a wall there, preventing him from running in that direction, yet if he ran the other way, he would have ran right in full view of Dewey and Gale. Instead, he's just magically disappeared.

Correction: You hear many times that Miltons House (the one that there staying) has many secret passages. And seeing as Roman being the killer and all seemed to knew alot of them (after being able to trap Sid in the movie room and found Jennifer in the stairway Its quite possible that the wall was another secret passage to somewhere else.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie when the killer confronts Sidney, she shoots him 6 times leaving a crescent of bullet holes in his costume, but the next time we see him the holes are gone. Later, when he reveals himself he shows Sidney his Kevlar vest and the bullet holes are back.

Correction: If you look very closely, you will see little white holes in the suit.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the cast are hanging out in Jennifer's house with Gale and Dewey, the door opens by itself and Dewey points his gun out the door. When he calls out the names of the actors, watch the wall behind him and Gale, you can see a shadow of a cast/crew member on the wall.

Correction: Who says that's not the killer, sneaking around the house?

Corrected entry: When the killer and Syd (or the reporter lady, I forgot) are in the basement and Syd is talking with Dewey on the phone, she tells him to come in and he tries, but the door's locked. But after a while he tries again and opens it easily.

Correction: The door wasn't locked; Dewey does start to turn the handle, but he doesn't try to open it. He stops himself to question whether it's really Gail on the phone (since they found the voice altering device). After hearing the killer's movement and Gail's scream, he realizes it's her and he opens the door.

Corrected entry: In Scream one of the newsreaders says that Maureen Prescott's body was dumped near the Town Square. In Stab 3, at the flashback set, Maureen's body is in her bedroom.

Correction: Stab 3 is only a film BASED on events that happened in the 'real' world of Scream

Corrected entry: In the scene where all the characters are together in the house and they smell gas, the power goes out, but the fax machine is working pretty well.

Correction: The LIGHTS go out. There's no reason why the killer couldn't have just cut the lighting circuit, but left the main power to the house intact.


Corrected entry: The "Movie Gale" learns that she gets killed next, based on the idea that the killer is going in the order of how they get killed in the script. That means that Gale Weathers dies in Stab 3. But when the "Movie Gale" gets killed behind the 2-way mirrors, you can hear her say that she is the killer in Stab 3.

Correction: Gale lies and says she is the killer in "Stab 3" so she won't actually be killed.

Corrected entry: Dewey said he took Sidney's file but it was on the Detective's desk.

Correction: Dewey said he took the file from the Woodsboro police station. Not from the L.A. one. He was discussing with her about the issue of that particular station being ransacked looking for Sidney's file.

Corrected entry: When Dewey is shooting at the one-way mirror he fires seven shots form a revolver (they only hold six) then he fires again without reloading and is surprised to find it empty.

Correction: Some revolvers do hold 7 shots:

Corrected entry: When Cotton is driving home to save his girlfriend he passes an advertising poster, on which is written, that Cotton's own TV show "100% Cotton" is shown weekdays at 3.30 p.m.on television. But when he has reached his house you can see the TV screen on which Cotton's show is on, although it's definitely too late for 3.30 p.m.(It's dark outside, maybe 8 or 9 o'clock.)

Correction: His show isn't running when he gets home at 8pm. What is on is a trailer for the next day's show about road rage (which is kind of ironic given Cotton's driving to get home).

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sidney is in her old house on the set, and she opens the door and almost falls out, then she looks down there is no bed down there, then the killer comes running in the door and she throws him down and then all of a sudden there's a bed...

Correction: There is a bed there but it can only be seen on the widescreen version.

Corrected entry: I think a few of the characters seem to have forgotten the 2nd victim in the opening scene. References are made to "Two dead people" when there were three and "three and a bodyguard" when there were five dead at that point.

Correction: He didn't say three dead people and a body guard. He said three dead celebrities and a body guard.

Corrected entry: When everybody is at Jennifer's house and the killer starts sending them faxes, the power is cut and everyone runs outside. But a few seconds later, when one of the guys runs back in, the fax machine is still going, even with the power out.

Correction: The killer might just have cut the lights - power switches often run on a separate circuit. Alternatively, some people have suggested there's a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) next to the fax, which could keep it going.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film (after we've established that the killer is wearing a bullet-proof vest) why does Sidney bother to stab him in the chest? It's not as though she's forgotten because she then tells Dewey to shoot him in the head!


Correction: When a bullet is shot into a bullet-proof vest, it melts the compact plastic inside. However, if a very sharp object was plunged into a bullet-proof vest, it would go through, because it lacked the heat to melt the plastic. There's a distinction between bullet-proof and stab-proof jackets.

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