Save the Last Dance

Continuity mistake: When Chenille grabs the guy groping her, Sarah is standing next to them, but during two shots from behind the guy's shoulder, she's nowhere to be seen. Because of Sarah's position, she should be visible, despite the camera angle. (00:27:10)


Continuity mistake: When Derek and Sara kiss each other in the flat of Sara's father, before they start to get naked, the point of view changes from behind Derek to behind Sara a couple of times. In one of the views, Derek's head is leaning to the right as he prepares to kiss Sara (and Sara's head is consequently also leaning to her right), and in the other point of view, is the other way around: both heads are leaning to the left as they approach for the kiss.

Continuity mistake: When Sara whips out her $20 bill and hands it to Snook, he takes it and has it in his hands. Then the $20 bill ends up in his hat without him even putting it there.

Continuity mistake: After Sarah's lesson with Derek in the classroom, in the following shots of them talking, Sarah's necklace sometimes under and sometimes over her sweater. Her movements are not enough to change its position like this.


Continuity mistake: When Derek is talking to Sarah during the audition, he puts his hand on her cheek. The position of his hand changes between shots; in the shots facing Sarah, some of his fingers are under her ear, in the shots from behind her, they're behind her ear.


Continuity mistake: When Nikki is talking to Derek at Steps, at the end of the first shot, she begins to move her left arm up towards his neck. In the next shot, her left arm is already around his neck, before he pushes her arms down. In the next shot, her left arm is up again as she caresses the back of his neck. In the following shot, her hand has suddenly moved to the side of his head, but in the next shot, her arm is down. (00:29:50)


Continuity mistake: When Sara is talking on the phone to her friend from her other school, her friend asks if there are any white guys at her school, and Sara says no there aren't. In the classroom scene and in other shots, you can see a few white guys.

Derek: "Stepps" ain't no square dance.
Sara: That's okay, I'll dance in circles, probably around you.

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Trivia: The woman who choreographed the dance scenes in the movie is also the choreographer for the Backstreet Boys. She uses a lot of "Backstreet style" dance moves in the movie, especially during Sara's second audition for Julliard. The dance moves she does with the chair are the same moves the Backstreet Boys use in their video for "As Long As You Love Me".

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Answer: If you are talking about when they break up and ignore eachother at school, its 'Crazy' by Kacy and Jo Jo.

Answer: 'Crazy' by K-Ci and JoJo.

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