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The Sandlot (1993)

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Benny runs into the yard to get the ball and is chased by the Beast through town. Benny makes it back the yard and the fence falls on the Beast. Benny and Smalls lift up the fence to save the Beast and it licks Smalls. They finally meet the owner, who is a old blind man who used to play baseball with Babe Ruth. The man decides to give Smalls a baseball which is signed by Babe Ruth and the rest of the 1927 Yankees, only if the boys come talk to him about baseball once a week. In the end, Smalls tells the audience what happened to the boys, and how the Beast was named Hercules. We last see that Smalls is a baseball announcer and Benny plays pro ball for L.A. They give the thumbs up for each other as Benny wins the game.


Continuity mistake: When Smalls tries to throw the ball for the first time, everyone laughs at him and falls down. When it shows the guys from Smalls' view, it shows Yeah-Yeah falling down. Then when Smalls is running away, it shows Yeah-Yeah falling again.

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Hamm: You play ball like a girl!

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Trivia: When the boys vomit after chewing tobacco at the carnival, the tobacco was made from beef jerky and black licorice and the vomit was a mixture of split pea soup and oatmeal.

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Question: Benny gave a hat to Smalls to replace the fish hat. What team and what year was the hat?

Answer: It's a blue hat with a yellow/gold capitol "C" for the logo, which doesn't correspond to any major league teams. It could be a minor league or school team hat. Benny refers to it as his "old" hat, so he may have replaced it with the Dodgers hat he's wearing.

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