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Corrected entry: During the chase scene, the baseball in Benny's hand keeps changing from left to right. He wouldn't have a reason for switching the ball while running from a dog.

Correction: Why not? He is seen using his hand to brace himself when he jumps over an object, as well as when he lands. Reflexes would cause him to use his dominant hand to brace himself, so he could have switched the ball for that reason. Furthermore, every time the switch is seen, he had plenty of time off-screen to make the switch, so no continuity mistake is made either.


Corrected entry: When Squints goes into the pool in the scene his glasses are in one hand but when they get him out his glasses are in the other hand.

Correction: He is under water for a long enough time to put his glasses in his other hand.

Corrected entry: After Smalls hits his home run one of the kids throws his glove behind him when he is trying to take it off and a kid behind him catches with a surprised look on his face. You may have to slow the film down to see this.

Correction: This would only be a mistake if in real life a kid wouldn't be surprised if a glove bounced up in their face. Since gloves are capable of bouncing like that and anyone would get that surprised look on their face it's perfectly fine for this to have happened.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, when Benny is "pickled" in the schoolyard, during the pickle his sleeves are rolled up. After he scores he walks along the backstop, and his sleeves are down.

Correction: He could have pulled them down within that amount of time.

Corrected entry: When Smalls is stirring his chocolate milk, he looks up at the camera.

Correction: He looked just past the camera, which was intentional as he's supposed to be looking where his step-dad is.

Corrected entry: When Scott Smalls's dad leaves for Chicago, Scott asks him where he was going. Bill answers that he was going to Chicago on a week long business trip. Then, when Scott hits his homerun ball, and Benny asks him when his old man was getting home, Scott says that he doesn't know when Bill was getting home.

Correction: The boys are so scared of what is going to happen that most likely he forgot. It is also realistic that a kid says, "I don't know", even when he does know. It was written this way in the script on purpose.

Corrected entry: When the treehouse is about to explode, we see Bertram say he's getting out of there and go down the ladder. Then after some scenes we see him running out of the tree house when he was supposedly already down on the ground.

Correction: The tree house has 3 levels. Bertram went up the ladder to warn them on the third level. And is still on the second level as they all exit the tree house.

Corrected entry: How can Benny fit a brand new hat and a baseball glove in his back pocket? This is shown in one of the first scenes in the movie, when Benny gives smalls a glove and a hat.

Correction: First of all, the ninth scene in the movie is hardly "one of the first." Second, Smalls is already wearing the glove, Benny only takes the cap from his back pocket, which is visibly folded when he hands it to Smalls. Even if it wasn't old and worn, you can still fit a brand new baseball cap in the back pocket of a pair of jeans.


Corrected entry: When the rival team challenges the boys, they throw down their gloves, when "Ham" throws down his glove, it flips back and hits "Squints". If you look closely, he doesn't know what to do with it, and just drops it.

Correction: Ham didn't throw that glove, Squints did. It flipped back and hit Tommy "Repeat" Timmons, not Squints.

Corrected entry: Before Wendy (lifeguard) jumps off her tower to rescue "Squints", she takes off her sunglasses and throws them to the floor. After she gets back on the tower, she only takes her whistle back and puts it on. She doesn't have her sunglasses on. But on the next shot, we see her with them on, without having gotten down to the floor to get them.

Correction: Yes, but the next scene with her in it is after the boys leave and get their clothes. In the time they were doing that, she got down and back up.

Corrected entry: In the movie James Earl Jones claims to have played with Babe Ruth. How could he have played with Ruth if Ruth retired in 1935, and the first black player in the major league Jackie Robinson did not play until 1947?

Correction: Major league maybe, but all-black teams did play white all-star teams during the early 20th century on barnstorming trips and other promotions.

Corrected entry: When the boys are playing baseball against the other team in the middle of the movie, they show everyone hitting the ball with a wooden bat. But if you listen carefully, you can tell that the sound of the ball hitting the bat was made by a metal bat, not wooden. A metal bat makes the "clinging" sound that is in the film.

Correction: The sound used was DEFINITELY a wooden bat sound. There was not even a slight pinging sound.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie when Benny is playing ball with his teammates, he hits the ball out to the field. Timmy uses his left hand to catch the ball, but in the next scene you see Timmy using his right hand to catch.

Correction: He's ambidextrous. It's not a mistake to be able to use both hands like that.


Corrected entry: At the end, Benny is playing for the Dodgers and stealing home. As he starts his slide, he is going in feet first. An instant later, the catcher is trying to tag him out and Benny is sliding in hands first.

Correction: In the second shot of his sliding, he is not sliding head first. You can tell that he just twisted his body around to avoid the tag.

Corrected entry: In Mr. Mertle's house, an Atlanta Braves pennant is visible on the wall. It is established that the film takes place in 1962, but the Braves didn't move to Atlanta until 1966.

Cubs Fan

Correction: It was not an Atlanta Braves pennant on the wall. It was a Milwaukee Braves pennant.

Corrected entry: Benny steals home at the end of the movie. When the team celebrates you can see Benny break away from his team mates and point up to the press box. But a few scenes later they show Benny doing it again in a close up.

Correction: It wasn't a few scenes later, it was two shots later. The first shot in this instance is The Jet giving a thumbs up while the camera is focused on the whole team and The Jet is out to the right. The shot cuts to Smalls in the commentator booth smiling. Then back to The Jet who is still holding the same thumbs up, which is then reciprocated by Smalls.


Corrected entry: When Squints and Yeah-Yeah are staring at Wendy outside of the convenience store, she walks by in slow motion with her hair straight. But in the next shot, when she is walking at normal speed, her hair is perfectly curled.

Correction: Actually, it's curled the whole time, it only appears straight because in the slow motion it's behind her shoulders, but you can still see that some of the ends are curled. During the close up of Squints and Yeah-Yeah she had enough time to flick it in front of her shoulders.

Corrected entry: When Smalls is walking over to the fence to see the dog, you can hear a popping sound. You can hear another one when the kids are looking at the broken baseball when Benny hits it.

Correction: That sound is a sound people can make when popping bubble gum or when their popping their lips together, as seen in Shrek 2. One of the boys could have been doing either one.

Continuity mistake: When Smalls tries to throw the ball for the first time, everyone laughs at him and falls down. When it shows the guys from Smalls' view, it shows Yeah-Yeah falling down. Then when Smalls is running away, it shows Yeah-Yeah falling again.

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Hamm: You play ball like a girl!

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Trivia: When the boys vomit after chewing tobacco at the carnival, the tobacco was made from beef jerky and black licorice and the vomit was a mixture of split pea soup and oatmeal.

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Answer: It's pretty common to use someone's last name as a sort of nickname, especially if the last name is fun to say like "Smalls."


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