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Corrected entry: When Johnny and Samantha are running into ComiCon to find Ted, Samantha has black flat shoes on, whereas in the scene before this she had on khaki colored heels.


Correction: The previous scene was John and Sam at the fountain when he got the call from Ted. She was wearing her black flats then. However, she had plenty of time to change out of her nice (and probably uncomfortable) dress heels and into comfortable and easier to walk in flats since after the lawyer visit, Ted had time to get to ComiCon, get tickets to go inside, and run from Donny. She had a big enough purse to fit a pair of shoes, or had time to go back to the car. She's also seeing wearing the same flats at the hospital.


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Comic: So first, we need a historical event. Who's got an event?
Ted: 9/11!
Comic: Oh oh, okay. Okay, maybe something else. Uh, let's start with a person.
John: Robin Williams!
Comic: Okay, all right. For real, guys, for real. Who's got a person?
Ted: Robin Williams on 9/11!
Comic: Alright, we've heard from these guys, uh, let's maybe give somebody else over here a chance. How about a location? Let's go with a location.
Ted: The offices of Charlie Hebdo!
Comic: Okay seriously, sir, I just need a location.
John: Ferguson, Missouri!
Ted: Germanwings cockpit!
Comic: Okay, I heard Starbucks!
Ted: No you didn't!
John: Nobody said Starbucks.
Comic: Alright, Starbucks! Okay now, who's in the Starbucks?
Ted: Bill Cosby.



When they visit Morgan Freeman at his office the yellow handkerchief in his jacket pocket appears and disappears frequently.



Patrick Warburton, who plays Guy, dresses up as The Tick while at Comic-Con. He played The Tick in the short lived live action TV show of the same name for FOX.