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Ted 2 (2015)

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Continuity mistake: When they visit Morgan Freeman at his office the yellow handkerchief in his jacket pocket appears and disappears frequently.


Continuity mistake: The money the guy puts on the counter when asking about the Trix disappears with no one touching it. (00:14:00)

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Continuity mistake: When John falls over at the clinic, the wetness of his shirt changes drastically. (00:29:00)

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Continuity mistake: The way John is holding the red cup when he lifts Tom's covers off him changes instantly. (00:23:40)

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Continuity mistake: Near the start in the bar, the blue label on John's beer keeps disappearing and reappearing instantly. (00:12:30)

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Continuity mistake: When John and Ted are doing Thunder Buddies at the start, the amount of stage monitors on the stage keeps changing from 5 to 2 to 0 and back depending on the shot. (00:05:50)

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Revealing mistake: When Ted and John argue in New York, Ted walks off across the road and disappears behind a passing car. Look closely - Ted disappears a fraction too early.

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Comic: So first, we need a historical event. Who's got an event?
Ted: 9/11!
Comic: Oh oh, okay. Okay, maybe something else. Uh, let's start with a person.
John: Robin Williams!
Comic: Okay, all right. For real, guys, for real. Who's got a person?
Ted: Robin Williams on 9/11!
Comic: Alright, we've heard from these guys, uh, let's maybe give somebody else over here a chance. How about a location? Let's go with a location.
Ted: The offices of Charlie Hebdo!
Comic: Okay seriously, sir, I just need a location.
John: Ferguson, Missouri!
Ted: Germanwings cockpit!
Comic: Okay, I heard Starbucks!
Ted: No you didn't!
John: Nobody said Starbucks.
Comic: Alright, Starbucks! Okay now, who's in the Starbucks?
Ted: Bill Cosby.



Patrick Warburton, who plays Guy, dresses up as The Tick while at Comic-Con. He played The Tick in the short lived live action TV show of the same name for FOX.