Pitch Perfect 2

Continuity mistake: When the Bellas just got told that they are not allowed to compete any more they walk outside and Beca gets a call. When the camera is zoomed in on her you see her calling and moving a lot. When the camera is focusing on the other Bellas she is standing completely still in the background. When the camera is back on Beca she is moving again. (00:12:50)


Factual error: When they show the map of Copenhagen, they show Poland, Germany and UK in the far back, however the map is pointed north, so that should be Norway and possibly Sweden, neither of which are actually visible on the map. (01:28:30)

Morten Bruce S√ɬłndergaard Pedersen

Continuity mistake: In the final scene, after Amy slides down the stairs on a sledge, the sledge magically reappears at the top of the stairs for Emily to slide down too.

Continuity mistake: Before the Bellas' second performance, one of the girls is getting her natural hair braided. When the performance begins, they are completely different braids with added extensions.

Revealing mistake: When the crew does their first choreography practice with the new Bella, in the top left corner you see Amy and another Bella holding another girl in the air. You can see she's standing on a table, basically supporting herself.

Emily: Fat Amy, you have a lovely vagina.
Fat Amy: Thank you.

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