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Other mistake: In the last game, Chet pitches six innings ("You gave me six great innings!"), then Henry takes over pitching, meaning he'd be pitching in the 7th inning. Sounds good, until we fast forward to the 9th, with Heddo batting with two outs... Assuming Henry was perfect, Heddo would be the 9th batter Henry faced, meaning he would've been Chet's last out in the 6th, which of course he wasn't (the Chet play at the plate ended the 6th and he wasn't facing Heddo.) Also, Heddo was seen walking up to the plate after the second out of the inning (the rundown at second base), with Martinella saying something like "holy goosebumps, it's Heddo" as he approached. Heddo would've been on deck, so it wasn't a surprise, plus he would've already been at the plate prior to the rundown play.

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Suggested correction: There is a reasonable explanation for both of those points. Heddo could have been a substitution player after the sixth inning, or be a pinch hitter, so hadn't been to bat yet. This would be logical since Heddo is a fastball hitter and they think Henry is still throwing fastballs, so as a last ditch sent him in. For why they didn't notice that Heddo was on deck, they were captivated by the on-field action, and with Henry off the mound going over by first base and doing stupid stuff, hadn't looked over yet to see who was next.

Other mistake: When Henry gets his cast put on, there is a brace going from his upper arm to his waist that is molded in place with the cast. After he leaves the doctor's office, it has suddenly disappeared.

Revealing mistake: At the end of the decisive game, the bad guy hits a deep foul ball. During that hit, they show the ball against a black background. If you look very closely at the bottom of the screen, you can see a hand throwing the ball.

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Cliff Murdoch: I just figured out why the Cubs lose every year. They've got more talent in the stands than they do in the field.

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Question: When the Cubs are playing the last game against the Mets, the last batter that Henry faces is Hedo. However, Henry has pitched three innings and only nine batters, so if you back up to the last batter Chet faced in the 6th inning, it wasn't Hedo. So how was he the 9th batter Henry faced?


Answer: Since we never see Hedo on the field, it's certainly possible that he's kept solely as a pinch hitter.


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