Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)

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Corrected entry: Once a candidate becomes a Kingsman, he/she is no longer referred to by birth name, but rather his/her Knight's name. When Lancelot is shown in her halo suit, it has Roxy embroidered onto it.

Correction: This is because it's her training suit. There has not been enough time for new equipment to be produced for her now that she is qualified. They don't know who they can trust, so they would not rush through new equipment that would indicate she is going on this mission. Instead, they reuse her suit from the training process.

Corrected entry: When Lancelot first puts on the HALO suit to sabotage the satellite, the camera is attached to the left temple. In all subsequent shots, it is on the right.

Correction: Lancelot is looking in a mirror when she is putting on the helmet. The camera is actually on the right side of the helmet which is being reflected back in the mirror as being on the left side.

Corrected entry: Lee didn't need to jump on the grenade, they could have just all run away, there was plenty of time.


Correction: Lee jumped on the grenade before knowing how much time there would be and to make sure everyone would be safe.


Corrected entry: Roxy would need more than a Halo Suit to survive at that attitude for such a long time - she would freeze to death.

Correction: With the kinds of technology they have at their disposal, the Kingsmen would likely have been on the cutting edge of technology with such things, and would have a suit sufficiently protective for the mission.

David R Turner

Corrected entry: When the barracks are completely flooded, Eggsy breaks the two-way mirror with his fist, and only a few hundred gallons of water pours into Merlin's observation room, spilling the trainees onto the floor. A moment later, the floor is merely moist, and Merlin is apparently dry. If the watery contents of the barracks (flooded 9 feet deep) had suddenly gushed through the window, it would have completely flooded the observation room to several feet in depth in a split-second, and with lethal explosive force.

Charles Austin Miller

Correction: In the scene, the room actually has a large gap between the floor and the walls, which most likely leads to drains to keep the water from flooding the room.

Corrected entry: After Merlin lands the plane and the team is greeted by two guards, their SCAR rifles are unloaded. There are no magazines inside.

Correction: Reviewing the scene in question (1:37:54), there are visible magazines present in the guards weapons when they first arrive to the compound. Maybe entry needs more clarification or time location for the exact scene in reference?

Corrected entry: In the bar scene when he locks the door then fights all the men, when he finishes he opens the door without having to slide the locks open.

Cyrice Sir-reece Gein

Correction: He does, we just don't see it. When he approaches the door, the camera shifts to Eggsy, and you hear him unlocking the door. It then shifts back to him opening the door.

Corrected entry: When Eggsy visits Galahad in the hospital (first time you see Galahad awake after the coma) Merlin comes in to show Harry the replay of the professor's head exploding. Then they watch Valentine's "free Sim cards for everyone" conference and Harry notices that Gazelle also has a scar on her neck. Close to the end of the film, when Merlin blows up everyone's heads, Gazelle should have too.


Colin Camphausen

Correction: That's not Gazelle - it's another brunette assistant.

Corrected entry: In the scene in the pub when they are confronted by the gang, Colin Firth takes a sip from his drink and places it on the table with a mouthful left in the glass. After he lays out the gang and sits back down, his glass is empty.

Correction: As he stands up, there's about an inch of liquid in the glass. After the fight when he sits back down, he then drinks the remaining inch.



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Harry Hart: There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.



When the barracks are completely flooded, several of the trainees shove shower hoses down the toilets for an "unlimited supply of air" (as Merlin explains moments later, describing it as "simple physics"). However, that old fireman's trick is a technique for surviving dense smoke, which is not under tons of pressure. In the barracks flooded 9 feet deep with water, the pressure would be so enormous that it would easily gush straight down the toilets in a powerful torrent, eliminating any "unlimited air supply."



There is an additional scene about two minutes into the end credits.