The Interview

The Interview (2014)

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Continuity mistake: During the actual interview, when Kim Jong-un pulls the gun on Dave and starts taunting him, the scene shifts between several angles in which he is holding the gun normally, barrel above the hand, but then cuts to an angle in which he is holding the gun sideways in the "gangsta" style, with no gaps in between for him to have switched positions.

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Continuity mistake: After the military dies during dinner, Aaron and Dave are talking by a fountain. They stand up and Dave's hands swap from crossed, then the left is uncovered, then loose, then crossed again.

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Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: After Aaron extracts the capsule out of his butt, when he shows it to Dave he is either holding it pointed upwards or horizontally, depending on the shot.

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Sacha Premium member

Factual error: When they are in the tank as the main gun is firing towards the helicopter and Kim, the breach is partially open as it "fires" and showers them with sparks.


Continuity mistake: After the scene when one of the North Korean producers bites off two fingers on Aaron's left hand, in the shot when Skylark finishes his "Tell-All" he hugs a man and his hand is in perfect shape.

01:28:50 - 01:46:25

Continuity mistake: On the flight to North Korea, the aerial shot shows a later model 737 with short wide engines. On the ground, the plane is an earlier model with distinctive long narrow engines.

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Continuity mistake: When Aaron shoots a missile at Kim Jong-un's helicopter, the tank shoots the missile aiming forward, and we see the helicopter get hit. The very next scene shows the tank driving forward, with its turret facing forward, but the helicopter falling down to earth behind the tank. There are no gaps that would allow the turret to turn 180° in the time given.

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