Cockneys vs Zombies
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Andy: No! Too much, fuckin' too much for one day. Surely.

Ray Macguire: You're about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike.

Andy: Piss off, you muppets.

Ray Macguire: I know this place is closing down, but people are trying to eat their dinner. So listen, you yuppie twat, if you don't get out of here by the time I count to five, I'm going to shove that clipboard so far up your Aris that you'll have to stick your pen up your nose to write on it. One, two, three.

Andy: What the fuck is going on?
Terry: I really don't know.

Eric: Those things are vampires! We need crucifixes, garlic, silver, holy water, and Christopher Lee.
Ray Macguire: No, you soppy tart, those things are fucking zombies.

Revealing mistake: When Ray reminisces about having fought the Germans in WW2, a flashback is shown with him fighting in a bunker. He is carrying a No.4 Lee-Enfield rifle which requires the bolt to be worked after every shot to reload. However, he is shown firing two shots in rapid succession without moving his hands at all, revealing the shots to just be flashes added after filming.

Andrew Upton
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