Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Other mistake: When the outlaws trap and rob a carriage in the forest, they put hooks on the back of it to keep it in place. But when the driver spurs the horses on faster, they run off, pulling the driver off the carriage and away behind them. There's no logical reason for this to happen, as you see the horses attached to the carriage, there is no evidence, either audio or visual, of the harnesses breaking, and in any event there really isn't enough force exerted for the harnesses to break to begin with.


Revealing mistake: The fallen tree from which Robin gives his inspirational speech about freedom has obviously had several branches removed with a chainsaw. It may be hard to see the marks of the blade on a copy of the video, but in the cinema they were pretty obvious.

Continuity mistake: When John is standing on the platform looking across at his trapped wife, there's a piece of the railing next to him that's sometimes on fire, sometimes not.


Continuity mistake: Right before Wolf climbs down from the tree, the only clouds in the sky are way off in the distance. Wolf climbs down, and the very next shot of the sky is full of clouds.

Continuity mistake: When Robin is testing the river before they cross, the rope that trips him is seen below the water looking bright yellow. But once out of the water, it looks brown with moss on it. (00:39:00)

Continuity mistake: Either some of the scenes take place over several years, or the leaves of Sherwood switch instantly between autumn-brown and spring-green.

Continuity mistake: When Robin and Little John fight in the river Robin's hair changes from being dry to wet to dry again despite falling in the river several times.

Continuity mistake: When the soldiers are taking anything valuable out of a village church, when they put up a wanted poster outside, Robin shoots an arrow into the poster and then Little John rips it of the wall and shows it to the men. When someone says, "Give it back" the soldiers drop what they are holding, and the poster is still on the wall with the arrow through it. (01:00:00)

Continuity mistake: After stealing the treasure along with Tuck Robin and Crew open the chest soaking wet. A deleted scene in England - 'throwing the carriage into the lake' - made that bit of the film make no sense.

Continuity mistake: When Robin arrives on the beach at Dover he drops his 'roll' then falls onto the sand, rolling in the shallow water. The shot from behind his head shows the roll but when the camera moves to the front the roll has gone.

Revealing mistake: When Friar Tuck hits his head on an over-hanging branch whilst on his cart, it is really obvious his head comes into contact much earlier than the added sound effect and his eventual reaction would suggest. Plus the branch bends and flexes backwards an awful lot - it's not resistant enough to knock someone out as depicted.

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Continuity mistake: During the hanging scene, after Wolf attacks Will, when Will is brought to the front of the crowd the manner in which the two guards restrain him changes repeatedly between shots. (01:54:05)

Audio problem: When Robin and his men have Friar Tuck pulling the wagon you can hear the men singing, but in the shot facing them, their lips are not moving.

Continuity mistake: Wolf (the boy) has semi-long, shaggy hair that hangs over his ears and eyes. During the archery contest, however, when Robin has to distract him by flicking his ear with the end of an arrow, his hair has been carefully slicked back to expose his ear during the close-up. In the wide shots, his hair has been left shaggy and down.

Audio problem: When Marian is attacking Robin inside the house, and Azeem is trying to break down the door from the outside, Duncan says "Point me towards danger, Azeem. I'm ready." But his mouth doesn't move at all.


Factual error: Marian tells her messenger to take a letter to the King, who is in France. Problem is, we were enemies with France at that time. The King wasn't even there, he was on his way home from imprisonment having been captured on his return from the Crusades.

Continuity mistake: When Robin, Azeem, and Duncan visit Marian's house for the first time, it's dreary and overcast out. But when Robin steps inside, there's suddenly bright sunlight coming through the windows. It then periodically cuts back to outside, where it's still overcast.


Continuity mistake: Just after Will is tied to the barrel to be executed and the drums start rolling, there's a wide shot of the whole gallows, including the barrel, but Will is missing.


Continuity mistake: When the sheriff's men come to take Marian, she defends herself with a rod from the fireplace that was roasting some meat. If the rod had been sitting in the fireplace even for a few minutes, it's probably too hot for her to hold.

Guy of Gisbourne: Why a spoon, cousin? Why not an axe?
Sheriff of Nottingham: Because it's dull, you twit! It'll hurt more!

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Trivia: There was a series made in the UK (and very popular in many other countries) in the 80's called Robin of Sherwood. One of the characters was a Saracen called Nasir. He was not originally supposed to be one of the regulars, but the actor (Mark Ryan) got on so well with the rest of the cast, the decided not to kill Nasir, but keep him on as one of Robin's men. When Robin Hood Prince of Thieves was in development, a character called Nazeem was written because the writer thought that the Saracen was a traditional part of the legend (along with Little John, Will Scarlet and Marian). The name was changed to Azeem because they found out that the character was unique to Richard Carpenter's Robin of Sherwood. So, thanks to a random piece of casting in the UK in the 80's, we were given Morgan Freeman's Azeem.

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Question: When Little John is cutting everybody free from the gallows, he calls them milksops. Why was this word censored when it was shown on TV?

Answer: There's no reason it should be bleeped out, though maybe censors misinterpreted it. The word merely refers to someone who is weak or timid.

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