Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Continuity mistake: When Robin is challenged by John Little after attempting to cross the river watch Johns staff. The scene cuts between shots from in front of and behind John. All shots from in front of him show him leaning closely on the staff, all shots from behind show him holding it to side and not leaning on it.

Continuity mistake: When Robin is talking to the Bishop about his Father, they are in a small chamber in the Church. Later on in the film, when the castle is being stormed, Friar Tuck enters this room and throws the Bishop out of the window. Only this time the exact same room is in the castle, not the Church.

Continuity mistake: In the big fight scene in the forest Robin is not wearing his necklace. But when he goes to help save Fanny before he swings across the necklace suddenly is around his neck. (01:39:40 - 01:40:25)

Continuity mistake: Guy of Gisbourne's men come upon two of Robin Hood's men in the forest, trying to pull a log onto the path. The men see their enemies and run away, leaving the log sticking out onto the path. But the log suddenly disappears when Gisbourne's men go after them, and never again reappears.


Deliberate mistake: Marian is wearing pantaloons, or knickers, in the rape scene. Knickers were not worn by women until Victorian times, and then they were split at the crotch.

Continuity mistake: During the hanging scene, when Bull cuts the rope to close the gate, he cuts it and runs so he doesn't get squashed by it, but in the zoomed out shot, he is suddenly on the ground and rolling away. (01:57:20)

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Continuity mistake: Just before the 'one true weapon' speech, one of the villagers shows Robin what the soldiers did to his son, Will walks toward Robin and pulls his dagger from its scabbard, after Azeem says 'if it's fame you seek.' the camera goes back to Will and he is no longer carrying it. In the behind shots, it can be seen back inside its scabbard. (00:55:00)

Continuity mistake: When Will tells the sheriff he'll have to "respectfully decline" his execution, from one angle his hands are behind him holding onto the gallows, but from another angle they're outstretched.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Will Scarlet goes back to Sherwood after being captured by Nottingham, Little John attacks him calling him a traitor. In one shot the cuts on Will's chest are going one direction in the next shot, they are going another.

Continuity mistake: When Robin and Azeem are escaping on horseback from the sheriff's men at Marian's castle, crossbows are being fired at them from the left side and one hits Robin's horse. When Robin pulls the crossbow bolt from his horse a minute later he pulls it from the horse's right side. (00:35:05 - 00:36:00)

Continuity mistake: This one takes place in the main battle scene in the forest. Robin holds a rope, swings around, knocks a man off his horse, and lands on the thatched roof. The next shot shows him shooting an arrow, but this time (and this time only) he's holding the bow left-handed, not right-handed.

Continuity mistake: In addition to the other mistake of Robin crashing through the window that's obviously made of paper - when he first comes through, he makes a hole in the middle, but some of the window is still intact around the outside of the window frame. When it cuts back to Robin a second later, however, there is no "glass" in the frame at all.


Deliberate mistake: In the scene with the forest battle, the scene with flaming arrows being fired was filmed on grass (look at the ground) in a separate location, because it wasn't safe to fire them in a real forest. (01:33:25)

Audio problem: During the scene of the birthing woman, Azeem says, "If you won't hear my advice...", but his lips don't move.

Continuity mistake: This mistake makes sense only if you've seen the extended edition. In a deleted scene, it is understood that the sheriff cuts out his scribe's tongue. In a later deleted scene, the scribe has to write messages on a chalkboard to communicate. Later still, at the end when Robin and company invade the castle, Robin asks the same scribe where the sheriff is and he verbally tells him, "Up the stairs," or something similar. Maybe he could speak a little, but he wouldn't have been able to pronounce the letter 'T'.

Audio problem: When Wolf attacks Will before the hangings, the guards pull him off and he says "Kill him." But his mouth doesn't move.


Continuity mistake: When Robin is giving his inspirational speech to the people who have just fled the village, at one point Wolf walks and stands behind Will twice in a row. Then there's a reverse shot from behind Will, where Wolf should be visible, but he's nowhere to be seen. Cut back to the front view, and he's just where he should be.


Continuity mistake: During the final fight between Robin and the Sheriff of Nottingham, the cut on Robin's chin disappears after the fight is over.

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Other mistake: When the outlaws trap and rob a carriage in the forest, they put hooks on the back of it to keep it in place. But when the driver spurs the horses on faster, they run off, pulling the driver off the carriage and away behind them. There's no logical reason for this to happen, as you see the horses attached to the carriage, there is no evidence, either audio or visual, of the harnesses breaking, and in any event there really isn't enough force exerted for the harnesses to break to begin with.


Revealing mistake: The fallen tree from which Robin gives his inspirational speech about freedom has obviously had several branches removed with a chainsaw. It may be hard to see the marks of the blade on a copy of the video, but in the cinema they were pretty obvious.

Sheriff of Nottingham: Locksley! I'm gonna cut your heart out with a spoon.
Robin Hood: Then it begins.

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Trivia: There was a series made in the UK (and very popular in many other countries) in the 80's called Robin of Sherwood. One of the characters was a Saracen called Nasir. He was not originally supposed to be one of the regulars, but the actor (Mark Ryan) got on so well with the rest of the cast, the decided not to kill Nasir, but keep him on as one of Robin's men. When Robin Hood Prince of Thieves was in development, a character called Nazeem was written because the writer thought that the Saracen was a traditional part of the legend (along with Little John, Will Scarlet and Marian). The name was changed to Azeem because they found out that the character was unique to Richard Carpenter's Robin of Sherwood. So, thanks to a random piece of casting in the UK in the 80's, we were given Morgan Freeman's Azeem.

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