Risky Business

Continuity mistake: In the movie's final moments when Tom Cruise is buying back all his household items, the lady in the cargo bay says "that's everything," except for the crystal egg she throws out into the yard for Tom to catch. You can clearly see many more items left in the truck. But when the truck pulls away seconds later, nothing is left in the cargo bay except our villain sitting on a chair. Where did everything else go?

Continuity mistake: While Tom Cruise is dancing in the front hall way and living room in his underwear, the lighting outside changes from daylight to night and sun rays appear on the rug during a part of it.

Continuity mistake: When Tom Cruise is recruiting customers, he's smoking while sitting outside a hamburger stand talking to two guys. He snuffs out his cigarette in an ashtray (which already had another burning cigarette), but when the shot changes to a long view, his cigarette is back in his hand fully lighted. (01:07:07)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jackie gives Joel Lana's phone number, Jackie writes the number along the length of the envelope. In the scene where Joel uses the number from the envelope, it is seen that the name and number are wrote along the width of the envelope.Also Jackie wrote the number on the back of the envelope and then (when Joel will use the number) the name and number are wrote on the other side of the envelope.

Continuity mistake: In the scene in the hotel lobby, Joel states that he called Jackie who told him Lana would be at the hotel. But Miles ate the piece of paper with Jackie's phone number, so Joel didn't have Jackie's number.

Continuity mistake: When Lana interrupts Joel's interview with Rutherford for the last time, she closes the door and her hair swings into shot. In the next shot, Lana's hair is still tucked under her hat.


Continuity mistake: Tom Cruise is driving at night. When he pulls up next to some girls, it's day. Then when he starts driving again it's night again.


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