Rio Bravo

Revealing mistake: The bullet hole gouge in the window frame near Ricky Nelson and the outward facing splinters at the bullet hole in the door frame near John Wayne indicate exit holes.


Revealing mistake: After leaving the poker game, Feathers goes upstairs to her room followed by the sheriff. When she enters the darkened room she turns up a lamp. Her shadow is OK but the sheriff is standing just inside the door and his shadow is too far to his left.


Continuity mistake: When the sheriff goes to the hotel bar and talks to "Feathers", she picks up a bowl and then the camera angle changes and the bowl is back in the corner. Also, the shot glasses they use keep changing positions. They're a few inches apart then a foot apart, then close again. (01:00:00)

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Feathers: I thought you were never going to say it.
John T. Chance: Say what?
Feathers: That you love me.
John T. Chance: I said I'd arrest you.
Feathers: It means the same thing, you know that.

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