The Return of the Living Dead

Continuity mistake: Trash's fantasy about being eaten alive comes true when several zombies attack her, taking bites out of her before she drowns in the Trioxin-water mix. When she reanimates, she's now got no bite marks on her.

William Bergquist

Continuity mistake: When they pull the half female zombie through the window, they lay a large piece of cardboard over it. An instant later, the cardboard is off to the side.

William Bergquist

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Frank is giving Freddy the warehouse tour, Frank mentions and points out wheelchairs that are off camera which is fine but when the headless corpse is trashing the warehouse, the wheelchairs are nowhere to be seen.

William Bergquist

Continuity mistake: Ernie is working on a cadaver when Burt arrives. After they cremate the body parts Burt brought over, there is one more shot where the feet of the cadaver can be seen under the blue sheet on the table. The next time we see the table, it is empty. It is never seen or referred to again.

Continuity mistake: When Freddy pours the popcorn out of the box at the beginning of the movie he sits the box down at an angle with the flaps open. But when he and Frank come back up stairs from the basement the box is back in place and the flaps are closed.


Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Burt and Spider take the cop car to go get help, after they back up from the group of zombies in the street. You can see a cameraman in the front passengers seat holding a camera with a blinking red light on his shoulder as they drive away.

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Zombie: Send... more... paramedics.

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Trivia: The eye test sign in the office where Burt tells the Army story reads 'Burt is a slave driver..'

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