The Return of the Living Dead

Factual error: One zombie, who's rotted away all his organs, has two eyeballs looking good as new. Even if eyeballs didn't rot, they would fall out with nothing to hold them in. Just like the half of a woman zombie that talks with a soft sultry voice but with rotting or missing vocal cords.

Factual error: After trying to devise a plan to get rid of the "evidence", Burt runs up metal stairs and peeps out the window looking over in the direction of the cemetery and confirms Ernie Kaltenbrunner is still working. The lights in the funeral home were all off except for the embalming room where Ernie was working. As seen through the entire film the cemetery main gate seems to be the primary entrance onto the Resurrection Funeral Home property. In order to carry the evidence on a stretcher to the funeral home Frank, Freddie and Burt would have had to walk though the cemetery in order to get to the embalming room entrance and would have run into the punks and their party.

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Suggested correction: They do run into the punks. The preppier looking guy and girl are sitting alone just after the grave yard dance. She asks "is that Freddie?" He responds "no, why would Freddie be going to a mortuary?"

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Continuity mistake: When Tina runs up the stairs and then falls through, she lands on a blanket but when she stands up, the blanket is gone.

William Bergquist
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Zombie: Send... more... paramedics.

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Trivia: Not a mistake, just a case of very bad luck that not many realize: In an attempt to escape the infamous "Tar man" zombie, Tina runs up the stairs. She ends up falling through the bad stair, mentioned earlier in the picture. Now think back to the beginning, after Freddy and Frank breathe the gas from the tank. Frank runs over and pukes under the stairs. So, not only is Tina being pursued by a brain hungry zombie, she also takes a high fall, and lands in cold puke.

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