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Renaissance Man (1994)

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Audio problem: At the end of the movie, when Sergeant Cass is leading the new recruits in Rago's Hamlet march cadence, there is a loud answer from the recruits he is leading. It is quite obvious that not a single recruit is saying anything.


Continuity mistake: When Danny DeVito is standing in line to get a new job, the lady in front of him has her hair in one style. The next scene, her hair is different.

Continuity mistake: When Danny DeVito is explaining Hamlet, he writes "oxymoron" on the blackboard and underlines it. As the recruits are leaving the classroom you can see that the underline is not as close to the word as originally done.

Continuity mistake: When Bill is first explaining Hamlet, Hobbs takes a seat in the front of the class. There is nothing on the desk but a few seconds later he has a paper and pencil.

Continuity mistake: In the ceremony scene toward the end of the movie when Brian Davis Jr is given his father's medal, when they begin showing his face among the other soldiers, he is standing several rows in. When the medal is presented to him, he is standing on the end of the row.

Continuity mistake: When DeVito has shown up late for a class and his students are leaving in protest, he throws his book onto the table. You can see the book bounce off his satchel and over the side of the table, but in the next shot the book is lying on top of the satchel. (01:05:05)


Continuity mistake: At the "victory tower", the drill sergeants are standing with several recruits in line behind them. When Danny DeVito looks down from the tower, the three sergeants stand alone, except in the close-up on Gregory Hines. Then the recruits are back.


Other mistake: At the end in the ceremony staff sergeant Marie has sergeant first class stripes on her uniform.

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Suggested correction: Staff Sergeant Marie's uniform insignia has three chevrons and one rocker which is correct. A sergeant first class' insignia would have three chevrons and two rockers.


Bill: You got the wrong file. When have I ever been a teacher?
Beverly: Look, you've got a Masters degree, that means you can teach.
Bill: No it doesn't. No, it only means hypothetically that I could.
Beverly: Come on, Bill. Now it's a good job. Six weeks. A decent salary. And you get to live there.
Bill: Beverly, I...I'll get my head blown off. Do you know how many kids carry guns to school these days?
Beverly: In this case all of them. I guess you didn't get to the "where" part.


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