Earth to Echo

Earth to Echo (2014)

3 mistakes

Revealing mistake: When the 13-year old boys are "driving" the car to chase after Echo, the car is not being driven at all (but on a tow-truck) because we can see that the gear lever is in the "park" position.

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Revealing mistake: While the kids are riding around on their bikes while following the first map, there is a billboard in the background that says "L.A.'s best health care for kids is right here in the Santa Clarita Valley!" The movie is set in the fictional town of Mulberry Woods, Nevada, not Santa Clarita, California, although the movie was filmed in Santa Clarita.



Continuity mistake: When Emma goes up to the convenience store and meets the rest of the gang, she does not seem to have a bicycle with her. However, after the scene where Emma saves Alex from the security guard, and they run out, a pink bicycle has appeared.





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