Earth to Echo

Earth to Echo (2014)


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Tuck: I've never gone a day without seeing my friends They're, like, the only people in the world who get me.

Christine Hastings: Who's this?
Alex: That's Emma.
Emma: I'm, uh, he's my boyfriend. I mean, friend who's a boy.
Tuck: Awkward.

Tuck: You know, they say the girls you argue with are the ones you like.
Alex: Don't go there, bro.

Tuck: You know what, I lied actually.We're gonna ride our bikes in to the desert at night alone.

Alex: I don't really know how to say goodbye, so I'm not gonna. And um... um, you're my friend you know, and when I'm old, even when you think I've forgotten, I'm always gonna be there.

Revealing mistake: When the 13-year old boys are "driving" the car to chase after Echo, the car is not being driven at all (but on a tow-truck) because we can see that the gear lever is in the "park" position.

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