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Corrected entry: As the vehicles pull up to Cade's home and the men get out, there are fingerprints all over the door frames that shouldn't have been there; obviously they were from other takes.

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Correction: They surely don't have their vehicles scrubbed immediately following every use of the doors, so there's absolutely no reason at all fingerprints wouldn't be visible from other times they've gotten in and out of the vehicle.

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Corrected entry: In the final battle, just as the car driven by Shane backs into the building and is beginning to be sucked up by the magnet, everyone jumps out of the car. Look closely, and you will see Tessa "jumps" out twice. The first time, she tumbles out and gives us a nice quick view of her top half, then we see her falling headfirst and doing a tuck and roll a split second later, displaying her bottom half for the camera. (02:25:30)

Correction: This is incorrect. The first person that jumps out the car giving you quick peak at her top half is Darcy not Tessa.

Corrected entry: When James Savoy and the rest of the "Cemetery Winds" crew are getting out of their vehicles at Yeager's place, there are finger marks in the dust on the edges of the doors. The movie going into slow motion makes it rather obvious they used the third or fourth take. (00:34:40)


Correction: They show that the cemetery winds crew have been driving a long distance. Evidence of it showing sundown when they are driving, and it being sun up when they get there. So they easily could have gotten dust on the vehicles on the way and gotten out multiple times where they smeared the dust off. No obvious reason to indicate this was due to multiple takes or any other error.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Cade, Tessa and Share are on the wires, Lockdown's wolves start chewing off the cables. Shane then falls off and is hanging on the cable. Next shot, Bumblebee comes and then the wolves cut the cables, then in the next shot you see Shane fall and hanging on again.

Correction: They don't show Shane fall twice and hang by the cables. When the wolves are chewing on the cables, he is thrown around and looses his balance. He still continues to be thrown around when Bumblebee shows up. Which stays consistent.


Corrected entry: During the battle between Optimus Prime and Galvatron. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee go through an exploding semi-truck trailer (in slow motion). The interior of the trailer explodes but the entire truck doesn't. The gas tank is located below the trailer - the entire truck should have gone up as well.

Correction: Gas tanks don't have to explode, the explosion was far away enough from them. Plus, trucks run on diesel, which is quite hard to ignite if it's not pressurized.


Corrected entry: Cade, Shane and Bumblebee are in the room with the cars in the KSI building, and Bumblebee is stressing out. Joshua Joyce then appears with a tour group and confronts Cade and Shane to not make any mistakes, then leaves with the rest of the tour group. Bumblebee then, very loudly, transforms back into his Autobot self. There is no way Joyce could not have overheard this. He had only walked behind a small screen and was only a few meters away. Considering Joyce is power hungry and had just had a go at Cade and Shane for messing with the cars a few seconds ago, the most realistic thing for him to have done was go back and see what had happened if he had heard this. (01:06:50)

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Correction: We don't know the layout of interior, maybe they tour group had to pass through a door way into another room. The large area appeared to be a testing/demonstration room of some kind, so it's not out of the question that it was insulated for sound to prevent any loud noises during demonstrations from causing a ruckus elsewhere in the facility. Also, we don't know exactly how far away Joyce and his tour group were, they may very likely have carried on with the tour and gotten quite a distance away from that room.

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Visible crew/equipment: Just after Lockdown stabs Optimus in the chest with his own sword, Cade runs closer and shoots at Lockdown. He then hides behind some bricks. In that shot, the bricks are a broken wall that is two separate pieces. Then it cuts to a different shot as Lockdown returns fire at Cade, and now the wall is one piece. Not only this, but some random guy suddenly appears in the shot next to the wall and right where the explosion happens where Lockdown shot the wall. He is wearing the same color clothes as the wall and only visible for a moment. There was no other guy present until that moment and he just suddenly appears behind Cade and gets hit. It's presumably a special effects member setting off the charge in the wall by the looks of it and it detonated before he got out of the shot. (02:30:55)

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Hound: I'm like a fat ballerina, who takes scalps and slits throats!

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Trivia: When Joshua calls the KSI technician to ask what the blast range of the Seed is, the technician's ringtone is the Transformers theme song.

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Question: Twice in the film, Bumblebee is shown turning around and a close up of his license plate is show, reading 900 STRA. Is this a reference to anything?

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Chosen answer: There is no reference. 900 STRA was just the number plate of the car he adapted from.

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