Raiders of the Lost Ark

Corrected entry: The end credits list Alfred Molina's character as "Satipo". Harrison Ford says "Adios Sapito".

Correction: Nope. I do believe Harrison Ford was meant to say "Adios Satipo" but made a mistake and said "Adios Sapito." Judge by yourselves:

Correction: Actually he said "Adios estúpido", meaning "Goodbye, fool."

He definitely doesn't say "estúpido."


Corrected entry: When the seaplane leaves San Francisco it flies west over the complete Golden Gate bridge. The movie is set in 1936, the Golden Gate bridge wasn't completed until 1937.

Correction: The bridge's structure would have most likely been completed by then, with only the roadway still under construction.

Corrected entry: After Indiana Jones has run the staff car containing Belloq, Toht, et al, off the road to Cairo with the truck, look at the driver of the staff car- he immediately anticipates Paul Freeman (Belloq) striking him two seconds before Freeman actually does by covering his head to protect himself from Freeman's hit.

Correction: The driver knows what kind of man Belloq is. He knows Belloq will blame him for what had just happened. It's entirely reasonable he'd brace himself for what he assumes is coming.

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Revealing mistake: While Indy and Marion are in the Well of Souls, and they encounter the snakes, Indy falls to the ground only to be confronted by a hissing Cobra rearing its head. Look carefully and you'll see the snake's reflection on the safety glass between it and Indy. Briefly you can also see the torch's reflection while he's waving it around. You can also see Marion's reflection when she falls in later on and is face to face with the cobra. [This has been corrected in the new DVD set. You can only see it if you have the original VHS. I think it's visible in the "making of" on the DVD as well.]

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Sallah: Indy, why does the floor move?
Indiana: Give me your torch. [He drops it in and sees why.] Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?
Sallah: Asps. Very dangerous. You go first.

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Trivia: When a Nazi falls from the back of the truck carrying the Ark, a "Wilhelm scream" can be heard.

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