Hatch Up Your Troubles

Continuity mistake: When we see a view of the calculation that the baby woodpecker is writing on a piece of paper, you can see the woodpecker's hand is on the left hand side of the paper, but in the next shot his hand is now on the bottom of the paper.

Continuity mistake: When the baby woodpecker frees himself from the telegraph pole, you can see he leaves the string that was used to tie him up by the pole, but when he pecks the post later on, the string has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: After Tom has drunk a bucket of water, the baby woodpecker pecks inside his stomach and water then seeps out through tiny holes in his body. At this point, you can see Tom is completely surrounded by water, but when Jerry knocks Tom's tail in the next shot, the water has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: When the egg rolls under Jerry while he is sleeping in his bed, you can see that the inside of Jerry's pillow is coloured yellow with green stripes, but in the next shot it is now blue with yellow stripes.

Continuity mistake: When the mother woodpecker leaves the nest for lunch at the beginning of the cartoon, she puts a sign saying "Gone for lunch - back 10 minutes" on the nest, but when Jerry returns the baby woodpecker to his nest later on, the sign has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: When Jerry orders the baby woodpecker out of his home, you can see that Jerry's right foot is facing sideways but in the next shot it is now facing straight.

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