Saturday Evening Puss

Continuity mistake: When Tom traps Jerry in the blinds, he pulls the cord and squashes Jerry. At this point, you can see Tom is holding the cord, but when we Jerry sliding down the blinds in the next shot, Tom is no longer holding the cord.

Continuity mistake: When Mammy Two-Shoes is getting ready for her evening out, there is a purple jewellery box on her dressing room table which has a ring next to it, but when Mammy turns and leaves in the next shot, the ring has disappeared.

Audio problem: When the black cat slides Jerry down the piano, he slides Jerry from the right of the keyboard to the left of it. But the sound of the notes appear to be going from low to high.

Continuity mistake: When the record player is playing, Jerry pulls off the tone arm and throws it away. The arm suddenly re-appears when Tom puts the music back on to disturb Jerry.

Trivia: When Jerry phones the club and informs Mammy Two-Shoes about the party, she runs back home. You can see Mammy Two-Shoes' face for about two frames as she runs back to the house.

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