Proof of Life

Visible crew/equipment: Near the end of the film after Russell and his buddies have stormed the camp and rescued Meg's husband, Russell sets a claymore mine on the escape path. As soon as the bad guys get close to the mine, Russell detonates it. If you look above the two bad guys as the mine is detonating (just before the camera cuts to Russell and back), you can see the wires they are harnessed to.

Continuity mistake: There is a scene in a public market where Russell Crowe is speaking to Meg Ryan. A guy in the background waves his arm at the camera a couple of times and then walks away. It's about 1/4 way through the movie.

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Alice Bowman: You are the first, you are the only person I've met who knows what they're talking about! So I am begging you, I am totally begging you to help me out on this.
Terry Thorne: You asked me not to bullshit you?
Alice Bowman: Right.
Terry Thorne: I've gotta plane to catch.

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