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Proof of Life (2000)

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Continuity mistake: After the charity dinner, Meg Ryan and David Morse are having a fight in their kitchen. Note a missing drawer on the right hand side of the greenish cabinet. But at the end of the scene, when Morse leaves the room, the drawer is back where it belongs.

Continuity mistake: During the scene when Russell Crowe and David Caruso come to Meg Ryan's house while they are packing the "Good Faith" money, Meg Ryan is holding a cigarette. As she gets excited, she starts waving her arms around and running her hands through her hair. You can see the cigarette is not lit. She then goes into a closet to have a discussion with Peter's sister. While in the closet, she takes a drag of off the now lit cigarette. At no time does she stop to light it.

Continuity mistake: There is a scene in a public market where Russell Crowe is speaking to Meg Ryan. A guy in the background waves his arm at the camera a couple of times and then walks away. It's about 1/4 way through the movie.

Continuity mistake: During the escape scene, when the missionary is cornered at the edge of the waterfall, there is a camera angle looking up at him from below. Though this shot is shown before his pursuers fire at him, he is already holding his wounded shoulder. Also, the scene makes it appear that the bullet knocks him over the cliff, but when his pursuers get to the place where he was standing they find a great deal of blood on the rocks. It seems the original idea was to have him take a shot in the shoulder and then choose to dive in, but to save time (or create the idea that his captors might think they had shot him to death) the scene was re-written in the editing room.

Continuity mistake: Right before Russell Crowe goes out to save Meg Ryan's husband they kiss for the first and only time. When the kiss starts Russell holds Meg's face in his hands, than the camera cuts to the other side and Meg holds Russell's face as the kiss ends.

Continuity mistake: The bible that has the map written in it falls into the river along with the German guy that is escaping. However after the German is rescued and the map is being re-examined the bible has no water damage at all.

Continuity mistake: There is a scene where Meg Ryan walks in to the police building, right after her husband is kidnapped, and she is wearing a solid black or navy skirt. When she comes out she's wearing is a dark flower patterned skirt.

Factual error: When David Morse speaks on the mobile phone in the helicopter and just before kidnapping, he speaks to the wrong side of the phone. In the Nokia Communicator, the speaker and microphone are on the same side as the battery, not on the display side!

Continuity mistake: Russell Crowe is talking to his boss on a boat as it sails down the Thames. The boat passes under a train bridge and Blackfriars bridge. Check out the continuity errors as the camera switches from Russell to his boss throughout that scene. The men are standing next to each other and yet there are moments when his boss is almost under the second bridge and poor old Russell is still waiting to go under the first.

Continuity mistake: During the rescue of the hostage, one lone bad guy attacks them at the chopper. The hostage shoots him many times with his pistol. One shot, the camera is looking over the hostage's shoulder, you see the pistol's slide lock back (meaning it is out of bullets). In the next shot, with the camera in front of the hostage, the pistol is in normal firing position. He didn't have the time nor the magazine to reload the weapon.

Visible crew/equipment: Near the end of the film after Russell and his buddies have stormed the camp and rescued Meg's husband, Russell sets a claymore mine on the escape path. As soon as the bad guys get close to the mine, Russell detonates it. If you look above the two bad guys as the mine is detonating (just before the camera cuts to Russell and back), you can see the wires they are harnessed to.

Other mistake: When they're running away from the embassy because of the bomb threat he uses his key chain remote to shut off the alarm to his car. Then when they get in there's an envelope, the proof of life, on the floor. The sister asks how they got in. That's a good question. The alarm was on. How did they get into the car?

Other mistake: When Russell Crowe kills the bad guy just before the attack begins, he uses the serrated blade of a Leatherman tool to slit the guys throat. Any special forces soldier would carry and use a killing knife like a Gerber or Ka-bar, or at least use the standard blade on a Leatherman tool.


Ted Fellner: We're out of miracles.

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