Proof of Life

Proof of Life (2000)

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Corrected entry: Watch Meg Ryan throughout this movie pretend to smoke. It's hilarious. They never show her take a drag of the cigarette yet she always has one. Why not just write her character as being a non-smoker? Did it really add that much to her character?

Correction: In the kitchen scene with Crowe, Ryan takes a drag of the cigarette, they show the back of her head when she does it. But regardless of whether she is seen smoking or not, this is still not a mistake.

Carl Walker

Corrected entry: Although they use the name of a fictitious South American country called Tecala, obviously the movie is an apology of Colombia. Kidnapping, Guerrilla, the movie two actors are Colombian : Vicky Hernandez and Diego Trujillo . Besides actually there exists a drug dealer called the scorpion (Alacran in Spanish). His real name is Henry Loaiza. He is in jail now.

Correction: Actually, the movie has nothing to do with Colombia. "Tecala" is really Ecuador, who has all the same problems of drug, kidnapping, Guerillas etc.

Corrected entry: Russell Crowe is wearing a plaster on his eye. In one scene it's on his left eye and a few scenes later it's on his right eye.

Correction: When the plaster in on the wrong side, what we're seeing is his reflection in the window overlooking the city.