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Corrected entry: The General is drinking what appears to be lemonade with apparently fresh lemon slices in the jar. Where do the townspeople get fresh lemons in Idaho/Oregon? (01:23:20)

Noman Premium member

Correction: From a lemon tree, which can be grown indoors in a large planting pot. The internet is rife with instructions on how to grow lemons in the Pacific Northwest. Not that the characters in this film had internet access, just that it can easily be done and someone in that village knew how.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: If the woman from the village is pregnant, then how come she maintains the same weight throughout the later part of the movie?

Correction: Many women who are pregnant do not look it, and we never hear what her weight is.


Corrected entry: Costner finds the old mail van with the skeleton inside, still wearing its old uniform. He then takes and wears this outfit. Surely if the original postman had died in the truck still wearing these clothes then his corpse would have rotted away inside the uniform, infestations of maggots, disintegrating flesh, and bloating and bursting innards would have ruined the uniform beyond belief. But not only is it clean and fragrant enough for Costner to wear straight away, it's also dapper enough to get him laid by the couple wanting a baby. (00:44:25)

Correction: No, the postman died up in the mountains after a nuclear war. Given the temperature high in the mountains and (possibly) nuclear winter, the postman could decompose without bloating or maggots due to the cold.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film, someone in the army disobeys rule #1 (orders will always be followed or something like that) directly in front of General Bethlehem, yet it goes unnoticed. (02:31:45)

Correction: Bethlehem is standing in front of the final showdown, so he isn't bothered with such small details anymore.

Mortug Premium member

Corrected entry: General Bethlehem says he was a salesman before the war (he sold copy machines and stuff like that). The General is about the same age as the Postman. At the beginning of the movie we learn that the Postman was still a child during the war, so the General must have been a child, too. How could he have been a salesman before the war?

Correction: At the end of the movie during the memorial service, the statue reads 1973-2043. that means that in the beginning, when the girl said her father was a child, it meant he was just young, not a "child" child.

Corrected entry: The film is based after some war that took place many years in the past. In the film you learn that Kevin Costner was a little kid during the war. He is at least in his late 40's in the movie, so, the war had to have taken place over 30 years from the time period of the movie. But, later on, he meets Tom Petty, who plays himself, and says 'I know you, you were famous". But, Tom hasn't aged a bit.

Correction: Remember that according to the film, the war took place some 30 years ago. This would make Tom Petty's character about 15-20 when the war took place. It is entirely possible that Tom Petty's character is actually someone else entirely. It's never stated that Tom Petty is playing Tom Petty.

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