The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Audio problem: When the group is discussing why the Careers aren't on the beach, Beetee asks what happens at midnight and Katniss replies that the lightning strikes the tree. Beetee then says "Here's what I propose", but neither his mouth or jaw moves along with the line. (01:58:25)

Audio problem: When Plutarch tell Katniss she has 10 minutes to show her skills, the audio doesn't match his mouth. This is not due to him being behind a force field, as demonstrated earlier in the film. (01:04:50)

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Audio problem: When President Snow is having lunch with his granddaughter, Snow asks her when she started wearing her hair differently, and she replies. After Snow finishes this line, his granddaughter's jaw begins to mouth the word movements before she actually begins to speak. (00:24:45)

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