The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Corrected entry: After Johanna hits Katniss in the head, she rubs blood on Katniss' neck. When Katniss is later picked up by the crane, the blood is missing.

02:05:55 - 02:10:50

Correction: Katniss has a long walk back to the tree. Enough time to wipe the blood off her neck.

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Corrected entry: When Katniss and Peeta are dancing at the president's mansion, we do not see the engagement ring Peeta gave her.



Correction: The ring is not visible the entire evening at the mansion. Therefore it is easy to assume she wasn't wearing it that night.

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Corrected entry: When the group is running from the poison fog, they run out of that section into a different one as Katniss sees the fog roll up at the line/invisible barrier. However, when they are running from the Jabber jays, they run into the barrier and are trapped in that section.

Correction: The Game Masters constantly change the rules for the Games. In this instance they chose to allow them to gain another section one time, but not another.


Corrected entry: When Gale is being healed from his back, Mrs. Everdeen uses alcohol in a bottle, then Haymitch takes a drink from it, but the level of the liquid changes between shots.


Correction: The level of liquid changes as it should.

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Corrected entry: Near the end of Katniss' and President Snow's first conversation, Snow shows Katniss a white rose. In the first shot, the finger next to his thumb is placed half way up the rose stem, but in the next shot, the finger next to his thumb is suddenly placed almost at the bottom of the stem.


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Correction: In the first shot of President Snow holding the rose, his hand blocks you seeing where his thumb is and the stem is not visible beneath his hand. So it's impossible to say if he is holding it in the middle or at the bottom.

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Corrected entry: In the very first scene where Katniss and Gale talk to each other in the forest you can see Katniss' breath forming clouds, but Gale's doesn't, although they are standing right in front of each other.


Correction: There are clouds forming from Gale's mouth. However due to the lighting and the angle it's hard to see. You can make it out when he talks about seeing some turkeys.

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Corrected entry: After the scene where the Careers (District 1) are declared dead, Beetee states that the two Careers are still alive and that he needs two guards at the tree.

02:03:00 - 02:04:25

Correction: The two Careers Beetee was referring to were Brutus and Enobaria, the two Careers from District 2, not the Careers from District 1. Haymitch had even referred to Brutus and Enobaria as "the other half of the Career Pack" when he was showing them to Katniss and Peeta earlier on, which meant the District 2 tributes are in fact also Careers.

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Corrected entry: Chaff's cannon was not heard as he got killed by Brutus shortly after the Jabberjay scene. Brutus' cannon would have gone off as Katniss was picked up by the hovercraft.


Correction: We aren't told exactly when Chaff is killed, we only know that it is on the second day from the video stream in the night sky. Brutus' cannon did not fire because all of the GameMakers' power and control over the arena had been lost when Katniss used the lightning to blow out the force field.

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Corrected entry: In the training room scene, when Katniss shoots at the orange digital men, look carefully. The only time she shoots her arrows twice to kill a target, she doesn't reach for the second one at all. The second arrow comes right out after the first one.


Correction: If you look closely when Katniss gets an arrow she grabs two arrows.


Corrected entry: The number of arrows that Katniss has in her quiver goes up and down through the games. For example, In the second cornucopia scene when the career tributes from Districts 1 and 2 attack Katniss, Peeta, Wiress, Johanna, Finnick and Beetee, one shot shows three arrows left, but there were plenty used during the rest of the film.

Correction: The group goes back to the cornucopia after the island spins. It is perfectly feasible that Katniss picked up more arrows before heading to the beach.


Corrected entry: As they are carrying the wire down to the beach, Katniss hands Johanna her bow so she can climb over a boulder. When Johanna takes off to lure the Careers, she still has the bow in hand, but Katniss snatches it up from the ground in front of her after she recovers.

Correction: This entry is wrong. Katniss hands the bow to Johanna, but then Johanna hands the bow back to Katniss just before the careers attack. When the careers attack, Johanna pushes Katniss to the ground, causing her to drop the bow, which she then picks up when she gets up.

Corrected entry: How does Beetee show up with an apparently perfect length of copper wire on a very convenient, easy to carry spool. Is there a hardware store on the island?

Correction: Johanna tells Katniss, Peeta and Finnick that Beetee "got a knife in the back" at the Corncuopia going for the wire. The wire was placed at the Cornucopia along with the other weapons. The wire was put there to tempt Beetee to the Cornucopia, considering (we are told) he invented it.

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Corrected entry: Amanda Plummer's picture is shown on the top of the dome in the slide show of dead tributes before her character actually dies in the movie. This occurs the first time the pictures are shown on the dome.


Correction: You're thinking of the morphling that died in the monkey mutt section (Peeta was by a tree and she then came out of her hiding spot to attack one), her and Wiress do look similar though.

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Corrected entry: When Katniss is lying on the ground after the arena begins collapsing, debris lands only a few metres from her. However, the arrow struck the centre of the arena, meaning it should collapse from there out.

Correction: It's not clear what the mistake is here. First, you haven't said where Katniss herself is in relation to where she aimed the arrow, so why can't the debris land only a few meters from her? Second, no matter where the dome is hit, gravity will cause the debris to fall straight down... Which is inside the arena, exactly as shown, not outside it as you seem to be suggesting.


Corrected entry: Johanna is said to have cut out Katniss' tracking device in a split second during an attack while out-rolling the cable. However, this was said previously to be a fluid, and if even possible would take much more effort.

Correction: The device isn't a liquid. It's an electronic tracker. You can see the light blink when it's put in her skin. Also, in the book it said something about Katniss pushing on it and it felt hard and left a bruise. Pushing on an injected liquid wouldn't do any of those things.

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