The Poseidon Adventure

Factual error: Throughout the end there is fire everywhere. All of that fire would consume any oxygen that was in the rooms and fill the rooms with heavy black smoke. They are walking and climbing everywhere without the effects that the smoke and lack of oxygen would have caused.

Factual error: In the scene where the ship encounters the tidal wave, the ship is located somewhere out in the middle of the ocean. A tidal wave would never break in the middle of the ocean. It's energy lies below the surface of the water. A wave needs to have land closer to the surface of the water for a wave to break, even if it is a tidal wave.

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Suggested correction: The Poseidon is directly over the mid-Atlantic ridge near the Azores at the time, and believe me, tidal waves do break there, all the time.

The correction is wrong. The original novel places the S.S. Poseidon in the Atlantic Ocean over the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. For the film, the S.S. Poseidon is in the Mediterranean Sea and is struck by a tsunami generated by a sub-sea earthquake 130 miles off the coast of Crete. The Mediterranean is a relatively calm body of water compared to the Atlantic. Beyond that, a tsunami wave from even a major earthquake will pass almost unnoticed to ships at sea; tsunamis only rise up and become dangerous in shallow water on coastlines.

Charles Austin Miller

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