The Poseidon Adventure

Plot hole: The survivors find their way to the internet lounge to send out a message via email about the terrorist attack. The ship was upside down. All satellite dishes used to transmit over the internet were completely submerged in water. Even if there was power to the computers, they would not have been able to get a server connection let alone send out email.


Plot hole: They had to stop the bow thrusters at the end of the movie. When the ship rolled over it lost all power and went on emergency power for lighting. When it showed the ship capsized the main propellers which are azipod were stopped, so the bow thrusters would also have stopped. Therefore they would never of had to stop the thrusters.


Factual error: The DC shore based radio operator mistakenly tells the last known coordinates of SS Poseidon as 28° East longitude and 80° from Greenwich. That is nonsense because both mean longitude. Even though it can be assumed that what she really mean is Latitude: 28 degrees South and Longitude: 80° East from Greenwich, that is still not enough to specify the ship's position as the margin of error is about 400km. (01:25:20)

Badawi: You'll die with me.
Mike Rogo: Not today.

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Trivia: During the lifeboat drill the captain states his name is Paul Gallico. This is also the name of the author of the book this mini series is based upon. (00:16:20)


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