The Poseidon Adventure

Corrected entry: Before she dies, Shelley Winters asks Gene Hackman to give her husband a necklace with a charm of the symbol of life to pass on to her grandson, but Gene Hackman instead gives her husband a medallion and not the necklace that she gave him.


Correction: The medallion and the "sign" for life are on the same necklace.

Corrected entry: When they are all huddled in the propeller shaft room, the rescue crew burns through the hull with a cutting torch. With the ship being upside-down, the pressure inside the hull would be tremendous. Not only that, when the first cut was made in the hull, the air would rush out and the water would quickly fill from the bottom seeing as they never shut a watertight hatch behind them.

Correction: With the size of that hole the ship would not fill up instantly. It would fill up faster but only as fast as the air escaping the hole. The view of the ship shows that the hull is just about level, the back of the ship would drop down in the water and the air in the bow would not be able to escape.

Vernon Gilmore

Corrected entry: Just after the underwater swim to the engine room, when Nonnie is being brought out of the water, you can see her using hidden, submerged steps of some sort on her way out.

Correction: The steps in the water are supposed to be there - the policeman's wife steps back into the water to help Nonnie, and stands upon the step, with the water only a little way up her legs.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the ship encounters the tidal wave, the ship is located somewhere out in the middle of the ocean. A tidal wave would never break in the middle of the ocean. It's energy lies below the surface of the water. A wave needs to have land closer to the surface of the water for a wave to break, even if it is a tidal wave.

Correction: The Poseidon is directly over the mid-Atlantic ridge near the Azores at the time, and believe me, tidal waves do break there, all the time.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the boat is tipping over and they are falling the tables stay on the "ceiling" and also the chairs. The tables might have been bolted down, but surely the chair need freedom of movement?

Correction: Chairs on cruise ships are often tied down with elastic, to prevent them from moving too much during rough seas.

Corrected entry: The boat turns turtle just a few minutes past midnight. We trek with the surviviors every step of the way and there is no point reflecting passage of unseen time, yet nintey minutes later when they emerge from the hull, the day is shining bright...

Correction: There are instances of unseen time, when Belle say's "Four hours you've all been dragging me", or when they split up and Rogo tells Rev Scott he only has "15 minuets" but much less screen time actually passes.