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Bloodshot picture

Factual error: When Ray leaves his wife Gina and his car is hit by the truck he should still be in England, but when he is being chased through the streets he is in South Africa, the cops in the car are not in English police uniforms or vehicle, police livery is incorrect, and all vehicles have South Africa plates, not English number plates.

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Free Guy picture

Plot hole: When Guy kisses her, she questions how he did it - stating no "kiss" function existed in the game. However, later on after the reboot she proceeds to kiss him (rather than him kiss her).

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Suggested correction: As one of the principal developers of the simulation engine, Millie recognizes that Guy is a non-player character (NPC) who merely obeys a loop of coded actions, and he's supposedly incapable of acting outside of his code. So, she means that NPCs can't just arbitrarily kiss players. Players can do whatever they want, but NPCs are mindless robots. At that point, however, she doesn't realise that Guy's Artificial Intelligence has evolved to independent self-awareness, allowing him to act outside of his code.

Charles Austin Miller

Key's actually says "There isn't a button for that" when Millie brings it up. There would be no way for her to initiate, as her in game actions would be limited to the controls offered.

By the time Millie kisses Guy, we know that the Free City simulation engine was already undergoing Artificial Intelligence evolution, essentially rewriting its own code, allowing Guy (and other NPCs) to achieve independent self-awareness. It follows that Free City was probably rewriting its player code, as well, making all sorts of new and startling functions possible for players and NPCs alike.

Charles Austin Miller

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Tenet picture

Continuity mistake: The protagonist, Neil and Kat are in the back of the yellow ambulance in the parking garage. Neil checks on Kat, after that he removes plastic gloves from his hands and throws them into the trash right next to him, 2 cuts later he again crumples a pair of plastic gloves. (01:46:15)

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Suggested correction: People doing procedures change gloves all the time. There is nothing suspicious about using 2 pairs of gloves in 3 minutes.

He was already done with the procedure when he removed the first pair of gloves. He was never shown putting on the second pair.

It's the same scene replayed, a true editing error.

But this scenes are within about 15 seconds of time - so there is no time to put on another pair.

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife picture

Deliberate mistake: When the kids are about to jump start the trap Phoebe hides behind the school bus door. Half a second later, when the trap opens, she's nowhere to be seen, not even jumping or stepping inside the bus. Then half a second later she has managed to get inside, turn around and protect her head while the bus windows burst. It all happens in real time for their hairs are still fluttering. It sure paces up the scene, but it's really awkward.

Sacha Premium member

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The Invisible Man picture

Continuity mistake: When Cecilia is talking to Adrian at the dinner table towards the end of the movie, the food on the plate is situated differently from shot to shot as they converse.

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The New Mutants picture

Other mistake: In the credits of the movie, the creator of the original comic's name is misspelled as "Bob Macleod" when it should read "Bob McLeod."


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Bill & Ted Face the Music picture

Character mistake: The Rufus hologram states that he first brought the phone booth to the Chosen Ones (Bill and Ted) in 1989, referencing events of the original film. While that was the year the first movie came out, it took place in 1988 (indicated by the opening title card and dialogue throughout the movie).


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A Quiet Place Part II picture

Continuity mistake: At the market, Lee picks out five pieces of fruit (one apple and four oranges?), tears a produce bag off, and walks away. He takes a few steps off-screen, and he is next seen going around an end cap and walking down an aisle, with nine pieces of fruit in the produce bag. (00:01:36)


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Project Power picture

Visible crew/equipment: While on the Genesis, when Robin finds Frank she asks if he's bulletproof, then Alpha 5 contacts ops to open hatch 26, and as Frank and Robin walk over to the monitor, a white T-mark is visible on the floor. (01:20:40)

Super Grover Premium member

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The Return picture

Continuity mistake: The direction of the desk lamp's flexible neck varies with the camera's angle. Front views of Rodger show the top of the neck aimed toward the outer edge (length) of the desk and rear views of Rodger show the top of the desk lamp's neck pointed toward him sitting at the desk. (01:02:00)


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Don't Speak picture

Deliberate mistake: The oval mirror was in a depressed wall yet was able to reflect a window within the adjacent depressed wall. (00:18:23)


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Boss Level picture

Factual error: The pilot is flying from the left-hand seat. Helos are flown from the right side. (01:23:00 - 01:25:00)

Movie Medic

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Spontaneous picture

Revealing mistake: In the car (and while it was raining), Jenna put on her sunglasses a little before Joe "exploded", suggesting she was preparing for the blood splattering. [Interestingly, Jenna put on the windshield wipers because she couldn't see out to drive, but the wipers were useless in that the blood was on the INSIDE of the windows!]. (00:31:45)


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Love and Monsters picture

Factual error: Joel is using a ham radio set to contact his old colony. A shot of the radio set shows it is set to "CW", which is Morse Code, but he is using voice. And the strength meter is on zero. It should be showing the signal strength. (01:24:00)


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2067 picture

Continuity mistake: Within a scene, Xanthe's disheveled hair often has a different number of curls/waves (especially on the sides) and the tightness/ looseness varies. Sometimes some strands of curls look like loops sticking out sideways; sometimes her hair looks almost straight on one side. The nature of the curls may vary with front and back views at times. In one scene, she had about three loose waves on the left side of her hair then suddenly it looked almost braided (many waves). (00:07:21 - 00:07:51)


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The Midnight Sky picture

Factual error: After Maya Peters is brought into the recompression chamber because of an injury, the timer is shown counting down by hundredths of a second and skips from 1 to 0 without showing 0.99-0.01. (01:24:30)

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Deep Blue Sea 3 picture

Other mistake: "Sally" the Great White Shark rammed Emma into a rock (or other hard object) underwater and Emma only got a small cut above her right elbow. It isn't clear how fast Sally was swimming, but Emma was rammed with force (and appeared to hit her back). A female Great White Shark weighs about 4,000 or 5,000 pounds, so Emma would be expected to suffer a major (not minor) injury under the circumstances. (00:05:24)


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Proximity picture

Continuity mistake: Isaac is wearing tan or khaki pants but the video of him getting "beamed up" to the spaceship shows dark blue pants. (00:18:15)


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The Unhealer picture

Continuity mistake: Kelly was wearing a white thermal top over a white sleeveless undershirt. After he was thrown into the garbage can, his white thermal top was wet against his back, so he was no longer wearing the undershirt. (00:03:54 - 00:05:43)


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