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Wonder Woman 1984 picture

Other mistake: Fireworks use heated metals to produce the various colors seen when they explode - Iron, Nickel, Cryolite, magnesium and copper filings. Flying a jet engine through exploding fireworks would cause serious damage to the engine.

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Suggested correction: Diana had conjured an invisibility shield around the jet that would likely protect it from the fireworks.

raywest Premium member

Agreed, the spell does obviously do more than just make the plane invisible. When looking at the invisibility of Themyscira, the spell obviously filters out the atmosphere and only can't keep out solid objects like planes and ships.


If the cloak of invisibility "filters out the atmosphere", how is the air needed to run the engines getting in?

It filters the atmosphere, not keep it away. So it keeps the atmosphere that comes in clean.


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The Old Guard picture

Plot hole: Nile checks the gun Andy gave her and realises it's empty, which in turn leads her to realise that Booker was setting them up, because he gave that gun to Andy in the first place. No way that Nile, a marine, and Andy, a timeless warrior, somehow both missed the noticeable difference in weight between a fully loaded pistol and an empty one.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Suggested correction: That is only true if you handle the same gun all the time. Throughout the movie they shoot dozens of different guns, all with their own loaded/unloaded weights. Different guns are also made of different materials, and mixture of materials, which would change the weight. Different guns are also balanced differently, depending on the materials and manufacturer. The weight difference in a lot of the guns they were carrying between loaded and unloaded were between 3.5oz-7oz (which is not that much). With all the different guns they use and carry throughout the film, it is not a mistake that they wouldn't catch it. Also, Nile is used to carrying an M16 or M4, not the handgun used in the film so she would have no way to know the loaded vs unloaded weight. They would also not expect someone in their team to betray them, so there's no need to check the weapons (although you should check any gun that is handed to you).

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife picture

Deliberate mistake: When the kids are about to jump start the trap Phoebe hides behind the school bus door. Half a second later, when the trap opens, she's nowhere to be seen, not even jumping or stepping inside the bus. Then half a second later she has managed to get inside, turn around and protect her head while the bus windows burst. It all happens in real time for their hairs are still fluttering. It sure paces up the scene, but it's really awkward.

Sacha Premium member

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The Christmas Chronicles 2 picture

Revealing mistake: During the dance number in the airport, Santa grabs a security guard who then starts break dancing. It's obvious this dancer is a stunt double as he's younger and skinnier than the real guard.

manthabeat Premium member

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Monster Hunter picture

Other mistake: Capt Artemis offers Tony Jaa's hunter character an intact partial Hershey bar that she pulls from her pants pocket. The film takes place in a brutally hot desert that would've turned that chocolate bar into chocolate goo not long after the start of the film. If the heat hadn't melted the bar, it would've been smooshed by the continuous hand-to-hand combat between the two characters. (00:45:22)


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The Witches picture

Continuity mistake: Look at the forehead of the hotel manager. Everytime he raises his eyebrows, you can see his prosthetic forehead piece.

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The Croods: A New Age picture

Other mistake: In the Croods a guy was handing out bananas and gave one to Grug which he threw away. But in this film he does everything to get this mystical fruit that he hasn't had since his childhood.

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Hubie Halloween picture

Revealing mistake: When Maya Rudolph and Tim Meadows are in their car at the drive-in theatre, whilst Maya Rudolph says "We got Hubie Dubois spying on everybody", there is a close-up shot of the wing mirror with Hubie's car reflected in it, along with several other cars and a building in the background also reflected. Despite being a reflection, any text or numbers reflected in the mirror are not reversed. The number plate on Hubie's car is spelled out forwards, and the sign "Salem Drive In" on the building in the background is spelled forwards also, and not reversed as they normally would be in a reflection. (00:49:17)

Casual Person

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Spontaneous picture

Revealing mistake: In the car (and while it was raining), Jenna put on her sunglasses a little before Joe "exploded", suggesting she was preparing for the blood splattering. [Interestingly, Jenna put on the windshield wipers because she couldn't see out to drive, but the wipers were useless in that the blood was on the INSIDE of the windows!]. (00:31:45)


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Fatman picture

Other mistake: The location of snow that accumulated on the porch cover or deck does not match the way snow accumulated on the SUV. The higher roof plus direction of the snowfall would have kept that part of the porch/deck sheltered from snow. (00:00:41)


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The Midnight Sky picture

Factual error: After Maya Peters is brought into the recompression chamber because of an injury, the timer is shown counting down by hundredths of a second and skips from 1 to 0 without showing 0.99-0.01. (01:24:30)

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Love and Monsters picture

Factual error: Joel is using a ham radio set to contact his old colony. A shot of the radio set shows it is set to "CW", which is Morse Code, but he is using voice. And the strength meter is on zero. It should be showing the signal strength. (01:24:00)


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Le Prince oublié picture

Revealing mistake: The nefarious villain has just revealed to Prince Charming that he has kidnapped the princess, and shows her to the crowd as a big burly smurfy monster is holding her. The crowd in unison gasps and looks horrified...except an extra who just can't keep a straight face. (00:07:35)

Sammo Premium member

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Soul picture Soul mistake picture

Deliberate mistake: In the Spanish release, the name of the family store is written in Spanish, but inside the place it's in English everywhere. This is a very common mistake in foreign kids' films released in Spain.

Sacha Premium member

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Dolittle picture

Other mistake: There was no blood on any of the items extracted from the dragon's belly (all the armor and the bagpipes were clean).

Tricia Webster Premium member

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Adventures of Rufus: The Fantastic Pet picture

Continuity mistake: While sitting on the couch, Peter suddenly has a clump of hair sticking up near the back of his left-sided part that disappears but reappears after some camera shifts. (00:01:20 - 00:01:42)


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