Other mistake: Dolittle starts with a voiceover narrative explaining how Dr Dolittle was deeply in love with a beautiful woman called Lily. On an ocean voyage Lily disappeared and was presumed dead. Dr Dolittle never got over Lily's loss. As a child I recall reading all of Hugh Lofting's Dr Dolittle books (now generally castigated for political incorrectness) and I am 100% certain that Dr Dolittle was unmarried, and never once had the slightest romantic inclinations towards any woman.

Rob Halliday

Other mistake: There was no blood on any of the items extracted from the dragon's belly (all the armor and the bagpipes were clean).

Tricia Webster Premium member

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Question: At the beginning, Dolittle was scared because a boy broke in his territory, so he says to Chee-Chee, "Possum, play dead." Why does he call the gorilla possum? Chee-Chee is a gorilla, not a possum. Also Possum is not his name nor nickname.

Bunch Son

Answer: 'Playing possum' is slang for pretending to be dead, as possums sometimes do that to avoid predators.

Brian Katcher

Answer: Opossums will go into a state where they appear dead when threatened, thus the term "playing possum." Dolittle was just saying to act like a opossum and play dead.


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