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Making History picture

Chadwick's Angels - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: When Deborah is talking to Mrs. Chadwick, Mrs. Chadwick's hair keeps changing position and is either covering or not covering her name tag. And when the camera is on Deborah, we still see Mrs. Chadwick's head and she doesn't move it at all.


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Taken picture

I Surrender - S1-E10

Continuity mistake: When Asha is in the hospital, her hair is pulled back and towards her right, away from the wound and a lot of her hair is next to her right shoulder. In the next shot of her, her hair has changed position.


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The Blacklist: Redemption picture

Borealis 301 - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: Near the end, Tom takes out the cipher key that was previously written on. But the cipher key used in the close up shots is different than the original. The words are spaced out and crossed out differently.


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Iron Fist picture

The Blessing of Many Fractures - S1-E8

Continuity mistake: During the fight with Zhou Cheng, Cheng does a forward flip and kicks Danny, making him stumble backwards. In the shot of Cheng lying on the ground, Danny is holding his stomach. In the shot immediately afterwards, he's holding his chest.


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Twin Peaks picture

Part 9 - S1-E9

Other mistake: When we first see Gordon aboard his jet, the shot of the jet from the outside is a flipped shot. Note the lettering on the right engine.


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Chicago Justice picture

Judge Not - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: The jacket Anna uses to put pressure on the judge's gunshots changes in the next shot. It becomes unfolded more even though she was applying pressure the whole time.


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The Defenders picture The Defenders mistake picture

Ashes, Ashes - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: Spoiler! At the end of the episode, after Elektra decapitates Alexandra, the blood pattern on her changes changes when she turns around and asks "any questions?" Most noticeably more blood on her forehead and two streaks down her chin that suddenly appear. (00:49:10)

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Mindhunter picture

Episode #2.8 - S2-E8

Factual error: In the opening seconds of the intro the BTK killer is following a woman home in his work van. Both the woman and BTK have license plates on the front of their vehicles. Kansas does not use front license plates. (Also, BTK's van shows the county abbreviation on the plate as WY - Wyandotte County - where Kansas City, KS is located nearly 200 miles away. The county tag abbreviation should be SG for Sedgwick County).

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American Vandal picture

Growing Suspicion - S1-E4

Other mistake: When the interviewer asks the girl what she was doing March 15th, 2016, she says she was shopping. However when the receipts are shown they say 05/15/2016. (00:10:50)

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One Day at a Time picture

Boundaries - S4-E3

Continuity mistake: Alex and his mom are talking with Grandma about masturbation. Alex is in his school uniform shirt but for one shot he has a hoodie on, then in the next shot it's gone.


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Mysteries of the Abandoned picture

Pompeii's Gate to Hell - S4-E8

Factual error: This episode includes a segment about an abandoned dry dock in San Francisco. At one point, one of the commentators several times refers to the U.S.S. Ward as a "battleship," and marvels that it was built in 17 days. The Ward (DD-139) was a 1200-ton destroyer, not a battleship, and was launched after only 17 days, but then took another two months to complete. By way of comparison, the California (BB-44), an actual battleship of 32,000-tons built during the same time period, too nearly five years to complete.


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Absentia picture

The Emily Show - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: In episode 2 of the series she turns the light off before they go upstairs. In this episode we see that scene again, but this time she doesn't turn off the light. (00:37:40)

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Himmel und Hölle picture

Show generally

Factual error: Johann Eck is dressed as a cardinal and Albrecht von Brandenburg addresses him as "Your Eminence" and kisses his ring. In reality, Eck was not a cardinal. Albrecht, however, was. It should be Eck showing deference to him, not vice versa. Albrecht was also only thirty, half the age of the actor playing him.


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Six (2017)

Six picture

Factual error: The Navy Seals call in air support and provide a fire mission to given coordinates. The targets are engaged with rockets and gatling/chain guns. The UH-60 Black Hawk is shown leaving after the air strike. This UH-60 however only had mini-guns in the doors. The type of UH-60 needed for this action would be the UH-60 DAP, which is configured as a gunship and has no troop carrying capacity. The DAP can carry chain guns, mini-guns, missiles and or rockets. (00:03:00 - 00:03:23)

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A.P. Bio picture

Mr. Pistachio - S3-E5

Continuity mistake: When Jack comes in, he slams his drink down on his desk behind the cup and to the left of his briefcase. In the next shot, it's sitting to the right of his briefcase by the edge of the desk.


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Little Boy Blue picture

Show generally

Factual error: ACC Pat Gallan wears the ribbon of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. The medal was issued in 2012. Her medals would be correct for 2017 when the series was made, but not 2007 when it is set.


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