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Frontline, Part 2 - S4-E2

Continuity mistake: The mistake begins at 00:13:11 while Andrews is talking with the patient's partner. Between the cuts, you can see, that the "necklaces" with the pictures of them disappear and appear. This goes on for like 3 to 5 cuts and every time the necklace is there and in the next shot not. (00:13:11 - 00:13:57)

Frontline, Part 2 - S4-E2

Continuity mistake: When Dr. Andrews tells Mrs. Cross via video chat that her husband has blood in his NG tube, the clock in the top left corner of Mrs. Cross' phone says 5:09. Two shots later, it has suddenly changed to 5:01. A few moments later it changes to 5:10, then back to 5:01 and then for some reason to 4:53 at the end of the scene.


39 Differences - S6-E13

Continuity mistake: At the end of the episode, Sean, Dr. Glassman, and Lea are sitting in the burned-down house. When Lea says the baby is kicking, Sean puts his hand on her belly to feel it. When the camera switches angles and only shows Lea, it's only her hand on her belly. When it switches back, Sean's hand is back on her belly. (00:41:32)


We're All Crazy Sometimes - S4-E11

Question: A woman is on a breathing tube and she is in a coma. She later undergoes an operation and wakes up due to a dopamine inflow. She is talking normally although she still has the breathing mechanism (albeit not connected by a hose) in her neck. How can she talk normally with that tube still in her?


Answer: That's a tracheal tube. Most people can talk perfectly normal with tracheal tubes. Check out Mattie Stepanek for one of the most famous examples. He had a tracheal tube for most of his life and never had problems with speech.

Got it. Many thanks.


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