Best TV other mistakes of 2017

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Chadwick's Angels - S1-E4

Other mistake: When Chris is waiting to save Judi, he reads the article about her and says "oh, she's a teacher." However, the article says Judi is an insurance claims adjuster.

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Part 9 - S1-E9

Other mistake: When we first see Gordon aboard his jet, the shot of the jet from the outside is a flipped shot. Note the lettering on the right engine.

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The Wolf Inside - S1-E11

New today Corrected entry: As the hologram of Captain Maddox walks toward Burnham, it steps up the steps, complete with reflections on the floor. Maddox would be in a hologram projection chamber with no steps, let alone a reflection, and no steps.

Movie Nut

New today Correction: First of all, there is nothing in the show that indicates "projection chambers" are used. The holograms appear to be generated from bridge so any interaction would match the room they are in. As for the reflection, the hologram doesn't produce the reflection. The floor is reflecting the hologram.

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Seizure - S1-E10

New this week Other mistake: When Jessica calls Hondo to let him know about Deacon's wife, you see Hondo answer the phone normally. Right after she tells him what's up, you can see him holding the phone upside down, with the camera lens towards the bottom.


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Growing Suspicion - S1-E4

New this month Other mistake: When the interviewer asks the girl what she was doing March 15th, 2016, she says she was shopping. However when the receipts are shown they say 05/15/2016.



Taken (2017)

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Hail Mary - S1-E6

New this week Other mistake: The hypodermic needle is in 3 different positions without being touched. One point it is angled, one is right next to papers and straight, and another it is below the papers.





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