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The Punisher (2017)

5 mistakes in season 2

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The Whirlwind - S2-E13

Other mistake: In the hotel room shootout, bullets are being fired through the wall easily and tearing up the place as you'd expect. Frank then dives through the damaged wall and they shoot at each other with Frank behind a cupboard and Pilgrim behind an internal wall. But bullets empties into both of these bits of flimsy cover leave the men behind them miraculously unscathed.

Jon Sandys

One-Eyed Jacks - S2-E5

Character mistake: When Frank is starting to show Amy how to take the gun from him he removes the magazine and makes the statement "clip empty" - any Marine, certainly one as well trained as him would never refer to that as a "clip" - it is a magazine. A "clip" is a device intended to help rapidly load ammunition into a magazine.

The Whirlwind - S2-E13

Other mistake: During the shootout in the hotel rooms, Pilgrim and Frank are shooting a lot at each other through the wall, with multiple holes appearing as expected. They then swap rooms (Pilgrim going through the adjoining door, Frank down the corridor), and we see Frank shooting at Pilgrim from the opposite angle. Problem is we see bullet holes appearing in the undamaged wall behind Pilgrim - given that room was just being riddled with bullets there should already be plenty of bullet holes in that far wall.

Jon Sandys

One Bad Day - S2-E7

Character mistake: The robbers are all trained, they practice, they wear masks...and none of them wear gloves, despite all being ex-military so their fingerprints will be easily traceable.

Jon Sandys

Lewis Wilson: Sic semper tyrannis.

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Home - S1-E12

Question: When Frank and Micro are talking not too long after the start, you can see what looks like a baseball roll out between some rocks behind them. Anyone know what that is? Thought it was maybe a reflection, or even just another rock. After replaying a few times, I want to say that it's a baseball. Certainly doesn't seem intentional at least. (00:08:05)

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