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The Punisher (2017)

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Virtue of the Vicious - S1-E10

Corrected entry: Karen had her gun taken away before the interview. We even see her search for it and realise she doesn't have it after the bomb goes off interrupting the interview. At no point did she have the opportunity to get it back before being taken hostage afterwards, but then somehow has it back in her purse to shoot Luis in the foot.

Correction: Karen does not use her gun to shoot Luis, she uses the gun she picked up from the dead anvil agent in the room.


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The first time we see the raid on the senator's room, 2 security guards are shot in the head. The blood spray from the second one emerges a fraction of a second before the gun fires. The second time the raid is played out, everything happens exactly the same way, but this time the spray matches the gunshot.



Ben Barnes plays Frank Castle's friend Billy Russo. In Stardust he played the father of Charlie Cox, who plays Daredevil in another Marvel/Netflix series.