Santa Clarita Diet

Knighttime - S3-E2

Other mistake: When Abby uses her phone to show Eric the pictures that Sven posted on Instagram, her phone states it is 11:26pm when you can see it is daylight after they walk back into Eric's room straight after. (00:05:00)


So Then a Bat or A Monkey - S1-E1

Revealing mistake: When Joel puts the dead body in the freezer, the eyes are open. When he pushes the head to the side so he can close the lid the body plainly closes his eyes.


Wuffenloaf - S3-E1

Plot hole: When Abby and Eric return the night vision goggles, Abby asks if they should put them back exactly where they were and Eric says he didn't remember where they went but luckily he "took a picture" of how it looked before. How could this be possible if Abby purposely excluded him when she collected those goggles from Lisa?

Season 1 generally

Other mistake: When Sheila was eating Gary she bit and chewed his entire finger only then to later find that Dan had found that exact same finger in their yard.

We Can Kill People - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: When Sarah grabs a taquito, she uses her left hand, then switches it to her right hand to bite it. In the next shot it's back in her left hand.


So Then a Bat or A Monkey - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Joel wakes up, he looks at the clock and it's 6:58. He wakes up Sheila and they start talking. Less than 45 seconds pass and the alarm goes off at 7:00.


We Can Kill People - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: When Sara takes a taquito, she grabs it with her left hand, then puts it in her right hand and starts to eat it. But in the next shot, the taquito is back in her left hand.


Strange or Just Inconsiderate? - S1-E7

Continuity mistake: When Abby finds the hidden door in the garage, she and Eric pull away the shelf to see what's behind it. By moving the shelf the door opens approx 45°. In the next shot the door is closed again and Eric has to open it by hand. (00:09:25)

We Can't Kill People! - S1-E2

Joel Hammond: Okay, we say we came across this murder site and we're just cleaning it up.
Sheila Hammond: Who cleans up murder sites?
Joel: I don't know. We're Mormons?
Sheila: Mormons don't clean up murder sites.
Joel: Mormons are helpful.

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We Can't Kill People! - S1-E2

Trivia: At the comic book store, when Eric and Abby are talking, there is a "Plants vs Zombie" comic on the rack in front of them.

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