Best movie mistake pictures of 2017

Continuity mistake: When Carina escapes from her jail cell, just after we hear Mayor Dix dedicate the Royal Bank of St. Martin, in the closeup we see the locked shackle around Carina's left wrist and the hanging links with the other shackle dangling. Then when Mr. Swift sees Carina handling his telescope, in this closeup we see the shackle links are hanging the opposite way, revealing that the locked shackle around her left wrist had been the dangling shackle from the earlier shot.

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Super Grover Premium member
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Peter gets the text from Happy about meeting at the bathroom, Michelle asks, "What are you hiding, Peter?" and just as she says, "I'm just kidding I don't care," Peter's holding his cell phone up in his left hand, but next shot he's holding the cell phone up in his right hand.

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Super Grover Premium member
Spider-Man: Homecoming mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: The scene where Spencer throws the boomerang for the first time and misses the bikers they take off running. While they are running from the bikers, there is a shot right before the boomerang hits the bikers where you can see a camera man sitting in the bushes on the left side. You don't have to pause it, but can to see it better.


Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Belle finds her father locked up she's holding her stick with one hand, then the angle changes and she's using both. We switch back and she's using one hand again.

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Jon Sandys Premium member
Beauty and the Beast mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Diana crashes through the window, there are various bits of wooden debris on the floor in front of her. In a wider angle those bits have vanished.

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Jon Sandys Premium member
Wonder Woman mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Selene normally wears high heel boots. They briefly turn into flats during her caged fight with Varga, right before he betrays her.


Underworld: Blood Wars mistake picture

Continuity mistake: As the lone Spitfire trails and attacks the German bomber, he hits the right engine, which starts smoking but the trail quickly fades. He then hits the left, which smokes a lot. We then see the same attack from below, and from this angle the both engines are smoking equally badly.

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Dunkirk mistake picture

Continuity mistake: On the subway while John and Cassian eyeball each other, from the front there's no-one in front of Cassian, just a guy in a hat off to the side. But from the back, another man appears between them.

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Jon Sandys Premium member
John Wick: Chapter 2 mistake picture

New this week Continuity mistake: When K is told by Dr. Ana Stelline that his memory was real, he screams and kicks the stool he is sitting on. When this happens, Dr. Stelline's reflection can be seen in the window, with her hands at her side, but when the shot cuts to Stelline, she suddenly has one hand on her nose.

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Casual Person
Blade Runner 2049 mistake picture


Logan (2017)

Continuity mistake: Logan tries to give the Professor an injection, who pushes him away and falls over. As he falls back his left sleeve is still rolled up - the shot cuts and it's instantly right down to his wrist.

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Jon Sandys Premium member
Logan mistake picture


Jigsaw (2017)

Continuity mistake: At the start Edgar smashes his car up and kicks his window out and jumps out leaving a bit of glass in the window frame. However after the camera changes, the 2 bits of glass have disappeared.


A Demon Premium member
Jigsaw mistake picture


It (2017)

Continuity mistake: When Beverly is signing Ben's year book she has the pen lid in her mouth. It disappears and then reappears.

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It mistake picture


CHIPS (2017)

Continuity mistake: The red Ferrari moves 2 feet to the left after being pulled over.

00:30:55 - 00:32:20

CHIPS mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Mr. Bailey is giving a speech about linking vehicles to The Circle, there is a shot from behind him where he walks in front of the stool onstage, but a few shots later, he is suddenly behind the stool, about to walk past it a second time.


Casual Person
The Circle mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Shawn first holds up the jerky to distract the guard dog, he's holding the torch in his right hand and the bag of jerky in his left. We cut to a wider shot and the items have instantly switched hands.


Psych: The Movie mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The extras behind the guy Dom's cousin is indebted to keep changing in different shots.

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Jon Sandys Premium member
Fast & Furious 8 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Matt Brody goes on the "American Ninja" course to prove his ability as a lifeguard, and holds on to wooden sticks in holes, the sticks are on the 1st and 2nd holes. When camera angle changes, they are in the 2nd and 3rd holes.


Baywatch mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Ahmanet enters the Crusader burial chamber, she walks in holding the dagger with her right hand and then picks up the stone. As the camera takes the close up shot, it is very clear that she picks up the stone using her right hand. When the shot changes, she is now seen holding the stone with her left hand.


The Mummy mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Renton is singing at the pub, he approaches Simon playing the piano to let him sing a line. In the shot before he places the microphone under Simon's mouth, Renton is shown moving the microphone away from his mouth, and a camera can be seen attached to the microphone, to film the shots from the perspective of the microphone.


Casual Person
T2 Trainspotting mistake picture

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