Wonder Woman

Continuity mistake: In the village scene, Diana is holding a mug of beer, looks at it, and places it on the wall beside her. In the next shot, Steve asks her to dance - she has the beer back in her hand, and puts it down a second time.


Continuity mistake: When Steve is bathing after the first fight on the island, he has a bandage on his shoulder suggesting a wound, but his shirt is not torn at the shoulder.

Continuity mistake: Just before Diana uses her bracelets to repel Antiope's attack, the sun changes between shots.


Continuity mistake: At the end after the massive explosion on the runway, two German soldiers get up unscathed and remove their gas masks. They suddenly appeared, as no one else was there, only Diana, and they are only a few feet away from the crater.

Continuity mistake: At the end when Diana is moving through the crowd approaching the memorial wall, the Scottish sniper is behind her. In the next shot when she turns around, he is again behind her.

Continuity mistake: While Diana and Steve are lying on the boat next to each other, the space between them changes from shot to shot.