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Continuity mistake: When Sammy first offers the drink to Diana (in a close up), Diana takes the mug in her left hand. Just before the camera switches to a long shot, Diana switches the mug to her right hand. In the long shot, Diana still has the mug in her left hand and she sets it on the wall to her left. The camera switches back to a close up and Diana again has the mug in her right hand. When Steve asks her to dance, Diana again sets the mug down on the wall, this time to her right.


Continuity mistake: At the end after the massive explosion on the runway, two German soldiers get up unscathed and remove their gas masks. They suddenly appeared, as no one else was there, only Diana, and they are only a few feet away from the crater.

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Continuity mistake: When Diana get the photo at the start, there's a clipboard beside the case when she opens it, but from another angle there's nothing there.

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Continuity mistake: While Diana and Steve are lying on the boat next to each other, the space between them changes from shot to shot.


Continuity mistake: At the end when Diana is moving through the crowd approaching the memorial wall, the Scottish sniper is behind her. In the next shot when she turns around, he is again behind her.

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Continuity mistake: As Diana is translating in the General's office, one of the buttons on her coat is undone/missing. As she approaches his desk, it's suddenly visible on her coat where it should be.

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Continuity mistake: While the sniper is shooting at the square, Diana loses her shield with the cannon shot but few moments later she has it back again to smash the tower.


Continuity mistake: Wonder Woman is fighting the soldiers on the second floor in the village, after she retrieves her shield. Her sword goes from properly in her hand, to being held by the blade, to held by the blade upside down, but when she looks up, just before going through the window, the blade is normal again. (01:18:05)


Continuity mistake: When Diana and Steve are held at gunpoint in the alley, the gun's hammer is drawn back and in the next shot it is in the resting position. (00:53:15)

Continuity mistake: When Antiope and Diana see the god killer sword, Antiope's hands are around Diana's shoulders but in the next shots they have moved.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning while Diana as a child is running among the people, a girl in gray is walking differently between shots.


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Continuity mistake: After Diana crashes through the window, there are various bits of wooden debris on the floor in front of her. In a wider angle those bits have vanished.

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Continuity mistake: When Steve Trevor is at the Ottoman empire, he is beside a biplane that look like a British one. In the background to his right are a series of Fokker EIIIs, the next shot he's turning to his right, just besides a Fokker... and the British biplane has disappeared. (00:24:23)

Continuity mistake: When the picture of Diana and Steve and co. is taken in Veld, she is wearing her black cloak, but she left that and her other clothes in the trenches, on the other side of no man's land.

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Suggested correction: She's in Flanders, in November, and the battle was over. It's cold, and probably worth going back to the first trench to get her cloak again, which they now have plenty of time for.


Except I seriously doubt it would still be here as poor, displaced people would likely have taken it to keep warm, like the woman and child she spoke with.

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Continuity mistake: At the bar while the bald guy is pointing with the gun, Diana is across the table, but in the next second she is beside the gunner.


Continuity mistake: While WW is training as an adult for the first time she uses a whip to take down an Amazon - one second later she blocks an attack with a sword she didn't have just before.


Other mistake: Field Marshal Haig is listed in the credits as Field Marshall Haig. This spelling (with two Ls) is only ever a surname, not a rank or job title.


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Question: If she can destroy Ares with her hands then why does she even need a sword and shield? Perhaps for merchandise?


Answer: For the majority of the movie, Diana believes the sword to be the only weapon capable of killing Ares. She doesn't realise until she fights him that the sword is just an ordinary weapon and thus, useless against a god. She carries the shield because it is useful. She uses it in combat most prominently to block gunfire.


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