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Corrected entry: The plane Steve Trevor steals and later crashes into the ocean, a Fokker Eindecker E/2, would not have been in service in late 1918. The E/2 type was retired from service in early 1916. Only 42 were built and only two Eindeckers survived the war's end.


Correction: There is a lot of speculation with this entry. While only 42 Eindecker E2 variants where built, 249 Eindecker E3 variants were built. Many of the E2 models where upgraded to E3 models. The design differences between the two where internal to the aircraft as well as a slight increase in wing size and windscreen size, none of which can be accurately ascertained from the movie, so it's speculation as to whether the aircraft Steve steals is an E2 or an E3 variant. Furthermore, Fokker stopped production in 1916, which is not the same as retired from service. Germany began to actively replace the Eindeckers in 1917 but there is no known official record as to all Eindeckers being completely removed from all roles prior to the end of the war.

Corrected entry: When Diana and Steve are down in the no man's land trench and Diana climbs out of it as Wonder Woman how did she get her sword and shield so fast? She wasn't carrying them.

Correction: She was carrying them beneath her coat.


Corrected entry: Both Diana and Steve go to sleep on the sailboat at the same time. Who is making sure that they stay on course? Navigating a sailboat is vastly different than a power boat, which is why someone is always "on watch" to make sure the boat stays on course. If they're both asleep they could end up anywhere.


Correction: Many people have sailed solo around the world, and presumably they sleep at some point during the voyage. The tiller can be locked into position to keep it on course for short periods of time.


Corrected entry: When Steve is bathing after the first fight on the island, he has a bandage on his shoulder suggesting a wound, but his shirt is not torn at the shoulder.

Correction: He could have been wounded in such a way that did not damage his clothing - a severely strained muscle or torn ligament, a deep bruise from a blunt force impact, etc.


Corrected entry: Steve Trevor flies into the German occupation on a German plane and without any sort of identification or documentation or other proof, they all just believe he is one of them and trust him without hesitation.


Correction: We never see him hand over documentation, but he is an embedded spy, it's highly likely that there were forged papers there. Now, even if there weren't any, documentation was far less rigorous back in 1918 then it is today. Flying in on a German plane well behind the front probably would be enough to not raise eyebrows.


Corrected entry: Steve Trevor takes off in a plane from a base that is inland inside of Turkey. Since radar didn't exist for another 20 or so years and since no other planes took off immediately after he did, how were the Germans (especially naval forces) able to track and follow him?

Correction: Easy. They radio ahead, and tell them to shoot any plane out of the sky.


Corrected entry: If the "cloaking" dome over Themyscira can be penetrated seemingly by anyone, how is it remotely possible that no one had found it before Steve Trevor?


Correction: Themyscira has been around for thousands of years, protected by the dome. Travel was much more difficult in the centuries before World War One. Steve Trevor needed a plane to get there.

Corrected entry: Steve crashes through the barrier and is followed through by a ship and several rowing boats. In the background the ship has run aground, and after the fight on the beach the ship and its crew are never mentioned or seen again, although Steve spends several days on the island.

Correction: Just because it is not mentioned, does not mean the Amazonians did not deal with it and its crew.

Corrected entry: When Steve and Diana leave the island at night they fall asleep on the boat. The next morning they're in London, being towed up the Thames. Impossible, as Steve said he flew from Turkey when he escaped with the book - you can't travel that distance in one night by boat.

Correction: They never specify it is a single night. All we know is that they arrived in London while Diana was sleeping.

Corrected entry: When the Germans invade Themyscira, the destroyer can be seen behind the small boats entering the protective screen, but after the German troops from the small boats are killed by the Amazons, the destroyer is never seen again, nor does it fire any shots to support the troops.


Correction: The destroyer is seen beginning to capsize as it enters the barrier. We don't see it again because it sunk.


Corrected entry: Steve would have been more affected by the mustard gas when he went to the village, he would have suffered longer effects than just coughing and then being completely fine when he walks away.

Correction: That wasn't mustard gas. That's the new hydrogen-based gas. It apparently does not have any lingering affects, the way mustard gas does, if a person survives long enough to escape it.


Corrected entry: At the end in the tower Diana has the perfect opportunity to kill who she thinks is Aries with the God Killer Sword. When he turns his back to sniff the contents of the vial. She comes up behind him but for some reason doesn't run him through with the sword.

Correction: She does move to thrust her sword into him but she is too late and he turns around again. You can see she is ready to strike in the next shot.




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Diana Prince: You're a man...
Steve Trevor: Yeah... I mean... do I not look like one?



At the end after the massive explosion on the runway, two German soldiers get up unscathed and remove their gas masks. They suddenly appeared, as no one else was there, only Diana, and they are only a few feet away from the crater.



Diana is never referred to by any character as "Wonder Woman" in the film.